Can Dogs Have Cucumbers?

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Yes: Dogs can eat cucumbers, just keep the Ranch dip for yourself before you hand them the vegetable tray.

Why Cucumbers Are Safe

Vegetables are known for being high in fiber, like brussel sprouts or kale.Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers

That’s why I’ve always kept my pups away from the counter when I’ve prepped salads, but that was before they learned how to jump.

The other week, my one year old pitbull, Prime, leapt up to see what smelled so good next to my salad spinner and landed on the floor, already halfway through a fresh cucumber.

I got a bit panicked, but then I learned that Prime was totally safe.

Cucumbers are made of 96 percent water, which makes them about eight calories in a half-cup of slices.

They’re also loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, so they’re great for dogs who have upset tummies.

Do they have the oh-so-scary benefit of fiber? Only in teeny tiny amounts.

Potential Health Risks

Cucumbers are about as harmless to dogs as they are to humans, with one exception. Humans could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we wanted to, but dogs can’t.

Generally speaking, dogs can’t handle too much of one food at the same time. They get easily upset stomachs.

Prime seemed fine after he destroyed what was going to be my delicious salad topper, but I wouldn’t have given him another one right afterwards.

How to Serve Cucumbers

If your dog isn’t a food maniac like my sweet Prime, take the time to cut half a peeled cucumber into bite size pieces. You can gauge the size of these pieces based off of the size of their kibble.

That way, they won’t choke on anything.

Will they take the time to savor each bite and thank you for the food prep? Of course not, but you’ll get thanked in lots of puppy kisses when they’re done.