Can Dogs Have Salmon?

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Is Salmon Safe for Dogs?

Yes.Can Dogs Eat Salmon

If they will eat it is another question, though.

I can’t stand the stuff, but it seems like the high society types with too much money love to spend a fortune on a tiny piece of it. But anyway.

Benefits of Salmon

An expert from the web says the oil from salmon has omega-3 fatty acids. Supposedly these acids up your dog’s ability to fight disease, helps keep inflammation down, and gives dogs a shiny coat.

Makes ‘em smarter too, not that you would know it from my dogs. Also, the oil has been known to help with joints- not the kind you smoke so get your head out of the gutter.

Because I read, and I’m smart, I know that a study was published in 2016 where dogs were given a supplement with omega-3 acids, and after a while, the dogs showed significant improvement – this is an important term in the scientific world – in their aches and pains.

Dangers of Salmon for Dogs

Eating too much salmon will probably make your dog’s breath stink worse when they kiss you on the mouth.

It would be really stupid to feed your dog salmon with the bones in it.

And if you want your dog to have an incredible case of diarrhea, vomiting, pain, and probably die, go ahead and feed raw salmon. Apparently, the fish can have bugs in it when raw, and when those bugs have bugs, well, just know it’s bad.

Different Forms of Salmon

There’s a lot of ways your dog can get the stuff. You can buy a bottle of salmon oil to put on top of crappy dog food, or buy food with salmon already in it (be sure to take out a loan to afford it).

If you’re living high on the hog you can feed salmon chunks to your dog. Ya might want to cook it first though.



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