Can Dogs Have Broccoli?

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Is Broccoli OK for Dogs?

The short answer: YES! In small doses, broccoli makes a healthy and safe treat for dogs.

Health Benefits and Risks

Although broccoli is safe for dogs, unlike humans, dogs do not need lots of vegetables to be healthy (lucky!).

Can Dogs Have Broccoli

Raw or cooked broccoli is safe in small amounts as an occasional treat. According to the American Kennel Club, broccoli is good for dogs for the same reasons it is good for humans; it is low in fat but high in vitamin C and fiber.

However, broccoli also contains the chemical group isothiocyanate, which can bother your good boy’s (or girl’s) tummy. To be safe, keep the total amount of broccoli your dog eats under 10% of his or her total food intake for the day.

A little bit now and then is safe and healthy, but broccoli should not be a huge part of your dog’s diet.

How Much Broccoli Can Dogs Eat?

Too much broccoli, defined by the American Kennel Club as more than 25% of their daily food intake, is toxic for dogs. Broccoli, especially the florets, can cause digestive problems in dogs.

If your dog shows signs of a tummy ache such as vomiting, weird-looking or runny stool, eating grass, or whimpering, don’t keep feeding him broccoli (obviously).

Broccoli can also be a choking hazard, especially for smaller breeds, so make sure the broccoli is cut into bite-sized pieces before feeding them to your pup. If your dog is acting lethargic or confused, take him to the vet right away.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Broccoli?

While both cooked and raw broccoli is safe, make sure you leave off any seasonings or oils, as they may not be safe for dogs or could irritate their digestive system. Popular broccoli pairings like garlic and onion are poisonous for dogs so keep your pup’s broccoli plain!

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