Can Dogs Have Asparagus?

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I’m pretty sure that anyone who has had a dog knows that dogs will eat literally anything.

My big shepherd mix Brutus once ate an entire cauliflower! He’s not real bright!

Can Dogs Have Asparagus?

Can dogs have asparagus

In the most basic sense of the question, the answer is “yes”.

According to the experts at the AKC (American Kennel Club), vegetables in small amounts are healthy for your dog. As owners move away from corn and grain- based kibble and head in the “grain-free” direction, vegetables and fruit are often on the menu.

Dogs with grain allergies benefit from a partially raw diet that includes berries, carrot and squash. Feeding food rich in antioxidants and beta carotenes reduce inflammation and health risks for your dog.

Is Asparagus Good for Dogs?

Nutritionist Laura Flores (based in San Diego, CA) recommends asparagus for its anti- inflammatory properties. A study published in 2013 in the journal Neuron lauded the spears for the amino-acid Asparagine that benefits brain function.

My not so bright dogs can sure use this!

Moderation is the key. Anyone who’s ever eaten a lot of asparagus knows there are some unpleasant side effects.

Asparagus will turn your dog’s urine green and it will smell, well, like asparagus (what did you expect, roses?) and, if your dog is overly sensitive, can also cause gastric disturbance, (stinky farts or vomiting).

If this happens, try cooking the asparagus (steaming lightly keeps the nutritional value).

What About Asparagus Ferns?

NEVER feed your dog Asparagus Ferns, the leafy part of the plant, they are toxic to dogs.

Michigan and Missouri, where I live, are two of the highest producers of asparagus… imagine the smell and amount of green pees… Ew!

Feed your dog a balanced diet including fruits and veggies and try the asparagus, if you’re brave.

Somebody open a window!

Go ahead and blame the dog.