Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Large, Medium, and Small Dogs in Any Weather

2024‘s Best Outdoor Dog Houses


Best Overall Dog House

Our Pets Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House

ASL Solution’s Dog Palace

Best Dog House for Cold Weather

ASL Solution’s Dog Palace

SENYEPETS Outdoor Dog House

Best Dog House for Hot Weather

SENYEPETS Outdoor Dog House

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Every dog I’ve ever lived with has been an indoor dog.

I slept on the couch with them, shared ice cream cones with them, and cuddled together during my favorite TV shows.

I wasn’t introduced to the idea of an outdoor dog until I was in middle school.

One of my friends had a dog that lived mainly outside in their backyard. He had his own giant water bowl and cute little doghouse.

His doghouse had the classic doghouse look.

It was made of wood and painted red, although it didn’t have his name over the door or anything.

It left me wondering what kinds of dog houses are out there for pooches to try.

Here’s everything I’ve learned and which ones could be the best for your pup.

Best Dog Houses

There are different reasons why dog owners may look into an outdoor dog house, so here are the best options that I’ve found for the most common reasons that lead people to buy a dog house.

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Our Pets Tuff-N-Rugged Dog HousePlasticShed4.2$$$$

Check Price
Suncast Outdoor Dog House DH250PlasticShed4.2$$

Check Price
Arf Frame Dog HouseWoodStandard4.4$$$

Check Price
Petmate Indigo Dog HousePlasticIgloo3.9$$$$

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Suncast Outdoor Dog House DH350PlasticShed3.8$$

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ASL Solution's Dog PalacePlasticBarn4.3$$$$$

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SENYEPETS Outdoor Dog HousePlasticStandard4.6$$

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Petsfit Outdoor Dog HouseWoodShed4.1$$$$

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Tangkula Dog HouseWoodStandard4.2$$$

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My Top Pick

Our Pets Zone Step Tuff n Rugged Dog House Review
Click image for more info

Our Pets Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House

The Tuff-N-Rugged dog house is one that’ll please any pup.

It has the picturesque doghouse shape without compromising on the materials it’s made out of.


This dog house keeps pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter, since it’s constructed out of weather-proof materials.

Special insulation makes it great for any dog who spends time outside when the weather turns cold.

What I Liked

A special feature I appreciate is how it’s built. This dog house is double walled for extra support and insulation and has a raised floor.

It also has fade resistant paint, so constant exposure to UV won’t make it look dingy right after you set it up. Speaking of which, assembly is quick and painless.

Best outdoor dog house top pick which to choose

Cleaning with this dog house is a breeze too. You can easily hose it out and let it air dry. There’s no risk of mold or deterioration if it’s wet for a long period of time.

Don’t worry about your dog’s size either. It can fit pets up to 125 pounds, which covers most standard breeds.

One concern I’d have if Maggie used a doghouse would be the house getting flooded during heavy rainstorms, but the floor of this house is raised to prevent rain runoff from becoming an issue and to better insulate your pet from the cold ground.

What I Didn’t Like

The individual walls, though durable, are thin plastic.

Heavy chewers can damage this dog house and heavy winds can move it around.

It’s also not a good choice if you have a heavier pup who likes to lay on top of their house because this can cause the roof to cave in.

Final Thoughts

The Tuff-N-Rugged dog house is definitely an investment, but it’s well worth every penny.

Plenty of thought and care went into the design and production to make this a long lasting product. The careful attention to detail is what makes this doghouse the overall winner for me.

No pet living in this house will be left wanting.

Best Value Dog House

Suncast Outdoor Dog House DH250

Most dog owners would agree that we want to provide only the best for our pets, but unfortunately sometimes we’re restricted by a tight budget.

That’s where the Suncast Outdoor Dog House, model DH250, comes into play.

It averages around the same price as other doghouses but it still provides some key features that will make you want to click “Add to Cart.”


First of all, it looks like one of those mini houses kids can play with when they’re little.

I used to have one in my backyard, complete with the plastic kitchen inside it and windows that opened.

This doghouse looks very similar, although its windows don’t open.

Still, it has a vinyl door cover.

Your pup can easily come and go through this door cover, but still be protected when they go inside during rainstorms.

And if you’re concerned about ventilation, don’t worry. There are plenty of built-in vents to make sure there’s always fresh air available.

Cheap yet good dog house for budget minded pet owners inexpensive durableWhat I Liked

It can also be put together without tools!

I have a mini tool kit in my closet that has a dusty hammer and a screwdriver, so not having to buy extra supplies to build this dog house would be a huge bonus for me.

What I Didn’t Like

One thing to note is that it’s not insulated or have a raised floor.

It’s meant only to house dogs when the weather is nice, so pets who spend time outside in the winter will need a heat lamp and some additional insulation.

Final Thoughts

The Suncast Outdoor Dog House may not be the best outdoor doghouse on the market but it provides a lot of bark for your buck.

Best Dog House for Small Dogs

Best for breeds like...
  • Pomeranian
  • Chihuahua
  • Beagle
  • Maltese
  • Shih Tzu
  • Corgi
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pug
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • French Bulldog
  • Dachshund
  • Bichon Frise
  • Miniature Goldendoodle

Arf Frame Dog House

The Arf Frame Dog House is too adorable to handle. It’s a little log cabin for your mutt to hang out in, complete with raised framing.


This dog house is made out of fir wood, so it’s lightweight and easy to handle while assembling.

Fir wood is also naturally weather resistant and durable.

It’ll last a lot longer than typical wood frame doghouses, especially since it has a sheet-lined inner roof.

The fir wood makes it cost a bit more than plastic doghouses, but it’s an investment that’s worth your money. 

What I LikedTight fit wooden dog house for small breed canines pets best choice review

Some small dogs (under 22 pounds) also prefer a tighter den.

It makes them feel safer, which is something the Arf Frame can provide. It’s tiny and cozy, perfect for curling up in after a long day of being a dog.

Did I mention that it comes in different colors and can even be painted if you want to decorate your pet’s future home?

Literally the definition of adorable!

I also appreciate the raised floor to keep your pup safe and warm off the ground.

What I Didn’t Like

Be careful if you decide to order this house, since it’s meant to be a tight fit and could end up being the wrong size if you don’t compare measurements first.

Anyone interested in this doghouse should also know that it isn’t an insulated house.

You’ll need to add your own insulation if your dog will be using this during the winter.

Final Thoughts

If Maggie was a small pup, I’d consider getting her an Arf Frame dog house as soon as we upgrade to a human home with a backyard.

Best Dog House for Medium Dogs

Best for breeds like...
  • Bulldog
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Boxer
  • Shar-Pei
  • Chow Chow
  • Norwegian Elkhound
  • Basset Hound
  • Dalmatian
  • English Springer Spaniel
  • Brittany
  • Husky
  • Poodle (Standard)
  • Border Collie

Petmate Indigo Dog House

I could totally see Maggie hanging out in the Petmate’s Indigo Dog House.


It’s made with medium sized dogs (24-55 pounds) in mind, so it has plenty of room for them to stretch out and sit up comfortably.

The offset door protects your pup from rain and wind once they’re inside the house.

There’s no need to squint around the structure and try to find the vents.

This doghouse has roof ventilation that’s easy to check for clogs or damage. It circulates fresh air without letting in any rain or snow.

Medium dogs are also known to track in dirt and mud. Maggie’s basically a sponge in canine form whenever there’s even the slightest bit of rain.

It’s inevitable that your pet will make their house dirty, which is why this dog house has microban antimicrobial product protection on all surfaces, especially the floor.

What I LikedDog igloo bacteria resistant easy to clean durable long lasting survive outdoor weather

Bacteria stand no chance in this dog house, even if you can’t get out to clean it every few days.

It’s also made with heavy-duty construction, which provides sufficient insulation for both hot and cold days.

What I Didn’t Like

The opening can be a little bit small, so be sure to pay attention to the sizing.

You might want to size up.

Also, rain can get into the entrance and flood the inside during heavy storms. You can fix this with a doghouse door but those are available separately.

Final Thoughts

The Petmate Indigo dog house is a little pricey, but medium sized doghouses typically are.

If you have any extra money to spare when you purchase it or later on, you may want to add their specially made doghouse pads for extra comfort, since the floor is raised but still a hard plastic.

Still curious about the Petmate Indigo? Check out a more in-depth review here!

Best Dog House for Big Dogs

Best for breeds like...
  • Bloodhound
  • German Shepherd
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Sheepdog
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Cane Corso
  • Golden Retriever
  • Weimaraner
  • Catahoula Leopard Dog
  • Rottweiler
  • Saluki
  • Afghan Hound
  • Greyhound
  • Irish Setter
  • Doberman Pinscher

Suncast Outdoor Dog House DH350

Suncast is back with their outdoor doghouse but with a better model for big dogs.


The Suncast model DH350 outdoor dog house has everything that makes a Suncast product so great.

It’s super cute, with its sky blue roof and beige walls, plus a nameplate over the door.

It also has a vinyl door that’s split down the middle, so large dogs (over 55 pounds) can get in and out of the house with ease.

This door is especially important, since the extra large door frame would potentially let in more rain and debris without the vinyl door there.

It’s extra large for big dogs up to 75 pounds and looks great in backyards, patios and porches

What I LikedLarge dog house easy to put together not expensive good value price

Just like with their smaller dog houses, this dog house also snaps together without any tools.

Anything that saves me a trip to the hardware store is something I’m especially interested in.

There are vents on all sides of the doghouse for extra help with air circulation.

It also has a slightly raised floor, so puddles that form during rainstorms won’t cause an issue to any dog hanging out inside.

What I Didn’t Like

Just like the smaller model, this bigger version lacks insulation.

It’s also constructed of lighter-weight plastic, so rambunctious pets can disassemble it for you. 

Final Thoughts

Larger doghouses often cost more money than ones for smaller pets. The Suncast Outdoor Dog House for Large Dogs is a good large dog house for small dog money.

Best Dog House for Winter

ASL Solution’s Dog Palace

During the winter, some dogs enjoy continuing their outdoor lifestyle.

They shouldn’t have to be cooped up inside when they don’t want to, which is when pet owners should check out ASL Solution’s Dog Palace.


This massive doghouse will keep any medium or large dog (up to 150 pounds) comfortable during cold temperatures.

It doesn’t play around with its insulation, which is two to four inches of real foam (styrofoam and expanded polystyrene [EPS] foam).

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This sturdy foam retains heat in the winter and also keeps it cooler in the summer.

There’s also a self-closing door that works as a barrier against the cold. It’s also insulated and secures itself every time a dog passes in or out of the doghouse.

The window panes on the door are what really help it stay functional during all seasons.

They can be repositioned from being completely closed in the winter to being open during the summer for better ventilation.

This is also useful for pets who are being trained to use the doghouse, since the open panes will encourage them to go in and out of it frequently.

Don’t worry about the floor being too cold either. It’s completely insulated and raised an incredible four inches off the ground so it’s always dry and warm.

When you need to clean it out, you can take advantage of the slightly sloped flooring. It leads down to a minor drain hole, which makes cleaning this doghouse quick and easy.

What I Liked

This doghouse is good for most of the year and can handle heavy winter storms.

All the features come together to make a dog palace, not a dog house.

What I Didn’t Like

A massive and well-made doghouse like this won’t come at a cheap price, so prepare to save up for this purchase.

The door may also taken some getting used to by your dog.

But there are ways to help your dog get used to their new dog house.

Final Thoughts

Even if it takes a bit to save the money, ASL Solution’s Dog Palace won’t disappoint.

Your dog will be well insulated and protected during winter weather.

Best Dog House for Hot Weather

SENYEPETS Outdoor Dog House

When the weather gets hot in the summer, dog owners who let their dogs hang out in the backyard share a main concern.

There’s always the worry that your dog will be overheated in their house, no matter how windy or cloudy it may be.

That’s the concern that SENYEPETS had in mind when they created their outdoor dog house.


The SENYEPETS Dog House has optimal ventilation, so heat will never be trapped inside, keeping your pup safe and cool.

Standard pet houses may have a few vents on the sides of the dog house or even the roof, but SENYEPETS’ dog house has both side ventilation and skylights

The skylights lift up and can be held in place, so the wide plastic framing will welcome in any breeze.

The side ventilation is also considered heavy duty, without exchanging usefulness for how good it looks.

Dog house fresh air for dog keep pet cool in sun hot days airy ventilation

With the slide of a tiny lever, the side ventilation opens up and allows for continual air exchange. Sliding the lever back will close this ventilation for cooler days.

Another great feature is that the floor of this dog house is raised off the ground. Excess water will run right under it and not bother your dog a bit.

What I Liked

Not only is this dog house great for sunny days but it’s a good indoor house, too.

What I Didn’t Like

This dog house is light so it’s easy to move, which also makes it a little flimsy for bigger dogs.

This is really a dog house that’s best suited for small breeds.

You’ll also want to give your outdoor dog a different house when winter hits.

Final Thoughts

The SENYEPETS Outdoor Dog House is close to the average price of dog houses, though, so most dog families should be able to afford it during summer heat waves.

If keeping your outdoor pooch safe during sweltering summer days is important to you, you’re going to want to give this doghouse a look.

Best Dog House for Rainy Weather

Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

Rainy weather can feel like the end of any good dog house.

It can soak through the cheap dog houses, create an environment for mold to thrive and leak through the tiniest cracks.

It’s a battle that every dog house has to fight, which makes it even more difficult to find a good dog house when you live in an area that experiences frequent rain.

Petsfit is here for those dog owners who want their dog to be sheltered from the heaviest rainstorms with the Petsfit Outdoor Dog House.


Petsfit created this pet house that looks modern and fashionable while still being the best protection against rain.

It’s made of natural cedar wood, which would be concerning if it wasn’t painted over with a durable water-based paint.

Easy to clean muddy dog house removable floors lifted off ground

Water-based paint acts like non-toxic water sealant, causing rain to slide right off instead of soak into the wood.

Although, if you want more protection, you could also apply a water-proofing varnish to the outside of the dog house.

This dog house also utilizes an off-center door. Your dog can snuggle up off to the side and not worry about being hit by the falling rain.

Another measure of protection against rain is the door flap that comes with the dog house.

You can take it on and off as needed, but it’ll further protect your dog against rainstorms.

What I Liked

I was impressed by how fast and easy assembly went by. You’ll only need a basic screwdriver to put this dog house together.

Wooden dog houses make me picture working with a tool kit for an hour or two to assemble it, but it comes with all the screws and pre-drilled holes you’ll need.

Dog house with removable liftable roof for easy cleaning airing out after wet

Another concern some dog owners have about wooden dog houses is the cleaning. Once it’s all screwed together, you may feel like it’s impossible to clean well.

This dog house has a slanted roof that’s an added bonus for two reasons:

The first reason is that the roof can be propped and held up on its own so the interior of the dog house is completely exposed.

The second biggest benefit to this dog house is that the slanted roof encourages constant drainage. No amount of water will sit on the top of the dog house and soak through or damage it.

Oh, remember how this dog house is made from cedar?

Cedar resists mold and mildew[1], which is a concern in rainy areas.

What I Didn’t Like

Even the large size can only hold dogs up to 75 lbs. Weight, not height or length, is the sticking point thanks to the removable floor.

Also, this dog house is rather expensive.

Finally, some dogs are allergic to cedar. Keep an eye on your pooch for any signs of allergy or pain!

Final Thoughts

The Petsfit Outdoor Dog House isn’t as fancy looking as many dog houses but it’s very well built for keeping out the rain and for being easy to clean.

You can give any possible concerns a good month to work themselves out. Everyone who buys this dog house gets a full 30 day warranty which covers any damages or issues.

Best Wooden Dog House

Tangkula Dog House

Many dog owners look for a wooden dog house that will work seamlessly with the design of the backyard.

It’s all too easy to find a dog house that stands out like a sore thumb, but the Tangkula Dog House won’t.


This dog house is made of fir wood that has a natural reddish brown hue and is coated in a water-based, eco-friendly paint.

It blends in well with yards that have fertilized grasses, pinestraw, or mulch.

The roof also has a red and brown asphalt rain roof. The color works perfectly with the tint of the wood, and it protects any rain or snow from entering the dog house.

The dog house is also completely raised off the ground.

The bottom won’t be penetrated by moisture or cold, which guarantees a longer lifespan for the dog house.

What I Liked

I like how this dog house was made with eco-friendly materials and paint.

Also, the floor is removable for easy cleaning.

Plus, it’s an adorable looking dog house!

What I Didn’t LikeNatural environmentally friendly ecological dog house for hippie pets save the Earth

Owners should be aware that while natural wood has the ability to insulate a bit, this dog house has no insulation built into it.

It’ll be good for spring and summer weather, but insulation should be added if the weather dips below 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

This dog house does come in small, medium, and large sizes, but it’s intended for small to medium dogs.

Also, the given sizes are for the roof, not the dog house itself, so it’s easy to accidentally order the wrong size.

Final Thoughts

The Tangkula Dog House is slightly more costly than similar plastic dog houses, but it’s a fair price when the quality of the dog house is taken into consideration.

Best Overall Plastic Dog House

Suncast Outdoor Dog House DH350

When it comes to plastic dog houses, you want to know that you’re getting a quality product.

Too often, plastic dog houses are made with cheap standards all to make a profit, but that doesn’t happen with Suncast products.

I reviewed the Suncast DH350 dog house above. It’s not only the best dog house for large dogs, it’s the overall best plastic dog house.


The DH350 plastic dog house comes in all sizes with a colorful exterior that looks at home in any yard.

It has all the great features you’ll look for in a dog house, like a vinyl door, venting, and simple construction.

What I Liked

What sets it apart is the plastic siding.

This dog house is made of resin material, which has been studied and proven to be a stronger, higher quality plastic than traditional plastics.

It has a high cohesive and compressive strength.

plastic dog house that will survive many years outdoors rough handling bad weather chewing dogs

It also has a higher level of microhardness, which makes it less susceptible to abrasions.

Dog owners know that dog nails can do a lot of damage even when your dog isn’t trying to dig into a surface.

This tougher plastic ensures that your dog will be able to use this dog house for a much longer period of time.

Gone are the days where you’ll have to replace the dog house every couple months!

What I Didn’t Like

As I mentioned before, you’ll need to insulate this dog house yourself if you plan on leaving your pooch outside in the winter and this dog house is best for calmer dogs.

Though, you could probably make the assembly permanent with some epoxy.

So, these negatives are minor and fixable!

Final Thoughts

Plastic dog houses may look like playground equipment, but playground equipment is good for surviving rough handling for long periods of time.

The Suncast Outdoor Dog House, model DH350, will protect your dog for a long time as well!

Benefits of Dog Houses

There are many benefits to getting your pup a dog house.

Why give my dog a dog house should pet canine have outdoor home protection

They wouldn’t have been invented and be so widely used if they didn’t have a strong purpose.

The first main purpose of a dog house is that it provides a much needed den for your canine[2].

Indoor dogs typically have crates they can use when they want alone time, but if your pooch is outside all the time, they may not have access to a den-like space.

Dog houses also provide much needed protection for outdoor dogs.

Putting a crate in your backyard wouldn’t keep your dog from getting sunburnt during summer months or shelter them from cold winter winds.

Instead, dog houses are an aerated shelter that can work in any kind of weather, depending on if it’s insulated and well ventilated.

Being protected from the weather is the main concern for dogs that live an outdoor lifestyle, which is why dog houses are so important for owners to research and invest in.

What to Look For

Now that you know the best dog houses for all different kinds of sizes and purposes, it’s time to learn about what you should look for.

You’ll have to decide which factors are the most important depending on the size of your dog and the weather where you live.


The material is what really makes a dog house worth your time and money.

You’ll want to buy quality material, plus the right material for where you live.

WoodWhich material dog house plastic wood metal resin cedar fir polymer best choice

Standard wood dog houses work well in dry and sunny environments.

With the right ventilation, they’ll last a long time in the right weather.

Woods like fir and cedar have a long lifespan and stand up well to things like dog nails and sharp bones or sticks.

You’ll also want to look into wooden dog houses that have some kind of protection against mold and mildew.

Wood is especially susceptible to these in rainy climates, or when they’re placed in a part of your yard that doesn’t get much sunlight or wind to dry it out.


Plastic dog houses must be well researched before you buy.

Plastic is easily made for a cheap price in factories, but cheap plastic won’t hold up when it’s put to the test of your dog’s wear and tear.

Resin based plastics are the strongest[3], which is why you should look for this kind of plastic in any dog house you seriously consider buying.


Metal can be used in dog houses, but shouldn’t be the sole material that makes the dog house.

For example, a wooden dog house with metal framing will be much sturdier than a traditional wooden dog house.

At the same time, no dog house should be made entirely of metal.

Metal is an excellent heat conductor. When sunshine or higher temperatures hit a metal surface, the delocalised electrons carry the kinetic energy throughout all the metal.

Your dog would essentially cook inside a metal dog house or freeze when laying on a metal surface in the winter.

Quality metal, like steel, should instead be used to reinforce the structure of a dog house.


Just like size is important to consider when buying a dog crate, it’s just as important to keep in mind when you buy a dog house.

Getting the wrong sized dog house will make buying the house pointless.

How to Choose the Right Size

Your dog will be spending a lot of time in their dog house, and while they’ll have the freedom to come and go as they please, they should never be constrained to a tight space that they don’t actually fit in.

Measure your dog’s length and height when they’re comfortably standing and sitting. They should be able to walk into their dog house easily and relax without squishing themselves in.

You can also look at how your dog sits in the dog house after it arrives and they try it out.

If they’re being pressed in on all sides by the walls and even ceiling of the dog house, it’s definitely a size too small.

Check to see if the dog houses you’re interested in have a sizing guide that you can read before buying

You should also read customer reviews.

Your 100 pound German Shepherd may be within the correct size measurements, but another German Shepherd owner may have left a review that indicates the right or wrong size based on their experience.


Dogs have roamed the world in all kinds of temperatures for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean it was safe for them.

Dog house insulation choices how to add cooling warming supplies to pet room

When you’re buying a dog house that will help your dog through colder temperatures, it should have the proper insulation for the temperatures you’re expecting.

When the outdoor temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s when your dog really needs some assistance.

Foam and padded insulation are great to have in a dog house at this point, as well as a rotating or solid door. A vinyl flap won’t cut it when the temperatures get that cold.

If your dog will be dealing with many feet of snow, freezing temperatures, and gusting wind chills, you’ll want to find a dog house that has the most insulation possible.


Ventilation is important for dogs in cold and hot weather.

It makes sure that your dog is always breathing fresh air.

Is ventilation important for dog house why keep cool air out prevent mold mildew

When the weather is extremely hot, ventilation keeps the temperature inside the dog house from rising to temperatures that are higher than the actual outdoor air.

Consider what happens when it’s summertime and you sit in a car with all the doors and windows closed.

It gets really hot really fast and eventually leads to heat stroke.

Dogs can get heatstroke too, even if you think the door to their dog house will be good enough.

The best dog houses have built in ventilation to keep your pet safe and cool.

Ventilation is typically found on the walls of the dog house, but additional ventilation can be put on the roof or even installed twice as much on the sides of the house to catch wind gusts.

Ventilation can also keep the inside of your dog’s house from becoming humid, keeping mold from growing.

Weather Door/Flap

At first, a vinyl flap or door to your dog’s dog house may not seem like very much protection at all.

Should dog house have weather flap door keep rain snow storms out dry dog

If it flaps around when your dog moves through it, why have it at all?

Weather doors are actually very important to keeping your dog dry and safe when the weather is bad.

Even if you get your dog a dog house that’s extra big and has space for them to lay down away from the door, rain can still get in if the wind has it falling at a slanted angle.

A weather door or flap will keep that rain out of the dog house, along with any flying debris like sticks and leaves.

It’s an extra measure of protection that’s especially useful for dogs that live in rainy areas.

Ease of Cleaning

It’s no secret that you’ll have to clean out the dog house in your backyard eventually.

No matter how clean your yard is or how much your dog avoids getting dirty, it’s still left out to the elements.

Dirt, debris, water, and even bugs will find their way into your dog’s dog house. That’s why it should always be easy for you to clean the dog house whenever you decide that it’s time.

Easy cleaning features will look like a roof that can be lifted off or walls that can be taken apart.

If a dog house is too heavy or permanently put together after you build it, it’ll be much more difficult to get it cleaned.


Best looking dog houses what to look for when choosing outdoor dog house

Last but not least, the dog house you buy should look great!

It should look at home wherever you put it. You don’t want it to end up being an eyesore you have to look at every day.

Look for colors you enjoy and designs that appeal to you.

Some dog houses are made to look like tiny human homes, while others have their own style.

Keep this in mind while you look, since you shouldn’t have to buy something you don’t like just to make your dog comfortable.

Dog House Styles

I definitely fall into the group that had only one image of a dog house in mind.

The truth is that they come in many different styles that set them apart from other dog houses on the market.

Each style will have a different purpose and setting in mind, which is why every dog owner should know what each style is all about.

No one wants to end up buying a dog house that’s cute but doesn’t actually end up working for their dog.


Dog house types standard sloped gable roof lifted off ground wood slat walls

The standard dog house is the one everyone first pictures when they think of a dog house.

It has the slanted roof, the wooden walls, and the arched doorway.

They come in many different colors and sizes, and can be easily personalized.

This dog house is good for dogs that will be outside in mild temperature conditions.

It’s meant to be a place to relax, not necessarily protect the dog from the most extreme elements.

It can be a good idea to let your dog start out with a standard dog house to train them that it’s a safe place for them to relax.

After that, you can upgrade to a dog house that’s designed more closely to your outdoor environment.


Igloo dogloo dog house pros cons how do they stack up against other styles

Igloo dog houses are meant for exactly what igloos do:

They shelter dogs in winter weather.

They usually have an entrance that’s followed by a short tunnel that leads into the domed shelter.

The offset entrance keeps snow and rain from blowing into the dog house with the wind, and also helps keep your dog’s body heat in a centralized location away from the entrance.

They may have more insulation than other dog houses, although dog houses of all shapes can keep your dog warm during the winter.


What is canopy dog house good for permanent use outdoors or only temporary sun protection

Canopy dog houses are like an outdoor crate that’s covered in a weather-resistant fabric.

They’re collapsible and easy to put together, so you can take it on the go.

This kind of dog house isn’t meant to be a permanent fixture in your backyard.

Instead, it can be switched between the outside world and the inside of your home, so your dog has their den wherever they need to go.

Soft-sided dog crates can be used as temporary canopy dog houses and are also good for traveling and camping.


Shed dog house practical utilitarian effective design to keep dogs safe and dry

Shed dog houses look like a human shed.

They’re boxy and may not even have openings to see inside.

These are meant for dogs that live in extremely cold weather for most of the year. They have inches of insulation on all sides, they’re raised off the ground, and won’t let any melting snow in.

These are the best dog houses for dogs that will be outdoors in freezing or below freezing weather.

Shed dog houses are well sealed and insulated, so you won’t see these out in the backyards of anyone who lives where it’s sunny and hot all the time.

Make sure that the model you choose has a raised floor, or build your own.


Patio dog house miniature human home lets dog hang out outside with roof deck

For owners interested in a more decorative dog house, the porch dog house may be what you’re looking for.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but offer an attached, covered porch area for your dog to hang out in.

An advantage of having a porch dog house is that your dog doesn’t have to be inside to watch the birds fly by.

They can be out in the breeze, without being at risk to get covered in bird droppings or a sudden summer storm.

How to Make Your Dog’s House Better

Dog houses are made with a great level of care, because no dog should be at risk of getting hurt in the place where they find safety.

Still, sometimes there are a few things you can do to help make your dog’s house better.

Add a Fan

Even if your dog is hanging out in the most ventilated dog house, they’re still going to get hot during the summer.

You don’t have to depend on just the wind and passing cloud coverage to cool your dog off.

It’s common for people to add a fan to their dog’s house with an extension cord.

Clip or fasten it to the outside or inside of the dog house, depending on where your dog hangs out the most.

Be aware that if you leave a fan on in your backyard, you should always remember to turn it off if it looks like it’s about to rain.

Younger dogs may also not benefit the most from a fan, since they could be tempted to chew on the plugged in extension cord and hurt themselves.

Add Insulation

You may enjoy the look or build of a certain dog house, then realize later on that your dog actually needs something a little more insulated.

This happens all the time, which is why you can always add extra insulation.

There are a few kinds of insulation for you to choose from before beginning your project.

The first is fiberglass insulation, which is actually made of glass. This should never come into direct contact with your dog.

Instead, after you install it, it should be contained within the walls of the dog house or be covered with plastic sheeting.

Fiberglass insulation works well in all temperatures and resists moisture, but can’t be touched or breathed in by your dog. It may not be the best insulation for dogs who chew on their dog house.

Another option is to use is reflective insulation.

It’s a roll of reflective foam that can be easily installed in a plastic dog house.

Reflective insulation is non-toxic and won’t accumulate heat, but doesn’t do well with insulating a dog house in cold weather.

Foam spray is the third type of insulation used when trying to insulate a dog house.

It can be sprayed in those cracks, corners, and holes that let in hot or cold air.

Foam spray won’t absorb water and keeps mold from growing where it’s sprayed, but it can be costly.

This is the best kind of insulation to use if the dog house is small or only needs patching up.

Add a Heater

Just like with a fan, a heater can be added onto a dog house to encourage more warmth during the winter.

These can be installed in a dog house where your dog won’t lay right up against it.

The cord should also not be where your dog can chew it when they get bored, since it’ll be turned on most of the time.

Heaters can be left on for long periods of time as well, as long as they aren’t against a plastic wall that could begin to melt.

They’re used in dog houses across many different cold climates, so it may be the solution your dog ends up needing.

Put it in the Right Place

Where should you put your dog’s dog house?

It’s a simple question that many owners don’t even ask themselves until after the dog house arrives.

Where to put best place for dog house outdoors in shade where dog likes to lay down

Where you place the dog house will play a key role in making it a comfortable home for your dog.

Don’t put it in an area where it’ll be exposed to constant direct sunlight or winds.

It also shouldn’t be left in a part of your yard that’s known to flood during rains. Raised dog houses will keep the water from getting in, but only until a certain point.

Your dog should also be able to easily access the dog house.

Where does your dog currently hang out the most in your yard?

That may be the best place to put the dog house and then see how it does there.


There’s no such thing as a simple trip to the store for an outdoor dog house.

There are many different factors and concerns to think about before you decide which dog house is right for your dog.

Think about the practical matters first. Your dog should comfortably fit in the dog house and be sheltered from the rain, snow, and wind.

Then the house needs to last. Constant rain, nightly freezes, and direct sunlight shouldn’t fade the colors too quickly or deteriorate what it’s made out of.

You can also always read the reviews and see what people are saying about it.

Will the dog house work once it’s put together?

How well does it hold up?

Doing your research before you buy your dog a dog house will get you the best purchase for your money.

It’s always good to be informed before you buy something your dog will use as frequently as they’ll use their dog house.


What is the Best Dog House for Outdoors?

Anything that’s described as being weatherproof or weather resistant will be the best kind of dog house for outdoors.

There are other factors to consider too, but weatherproof dog houses should be the first thing to look for.

The Tuff-N-Rugged dog house is a good example of the best outdoor dog house on the market.

What is the Best Insulated Dog House?

The best insulated dog house is the ASL Solution’s Dog Palace.

It has up to four inches of insulation around the walls and floors, so your dog won’t lay against any surface that’s directly exposed to the winter weather.

Are Igloo Dog Houses Good?

Igloo dog houses are good for dogs that need protection from cold weather.

They have an offset entrance that keeps the elements away from the inside of the igloo.

The only way they could be better is if they come insulated or become insulated after purchase.

Are Dog Houses Good for Dogs?

Doghouses are great for dogs!

Dogs are descended from wolves that were used to having a den to run home to at the end of the day.

Doghouses provide dogs with a safe place to hide away in when they feel anxious, scared, or want alone time.

Should a Dog House be Off the Ground?

A doghouse doesn’t necessarily have to be off the ground to be a good doghouse.

If your dog will be outside during frequent rain storms or snow melts, that’s when it’s best for the doghouse to be raised so they’re protected from anything flooding the doghouse.

Will an Igloo Dog House Keep My Dog Warm?

Yes, igloo doghouses were designed to keep dogs warm.

All the heat they produce is kept in the main part of the igloo house, while the entrance to the doghouse is kept at a distance. This prevents any excess cold temperatures from being pushed inside.

What Are Igloo Dog Houses Made Of?

Igloo doghouses can be made from a variety of materials, but they’re most commonly made with hard plastic.

They may also be made with structural foam, which provides better insulation.

Can a Dog House Be Too Big?

It’s always good to leave your dog with extra room to move around in and lay down comfortably.

Still, the doghouse shouldn’t be big enough for your pet to have room to go to the bathroom in

Like with an indoor crate, dogs should have enough room to lay down, but too much room will go against any potty training they’ve learned.

Does a Dog House Need Ventilation?

Yes, doghouses need ventilation even if they have an oversized entrance.

Ventilation introduces fresh air into the doghouse from all angles, which increases the likelihood that wind will get flushed through.
The more ventilation your dog has, the more comfortable they’ll be.



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