Can Dogs Have Pistachios?

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Are Pistachios Safe for Dogs?

Our dogs should not eat pistachios.Can Dogs Eat Pistachios?

In this day and age, everyone has to accept that nuts aren’t for everyone.

Dogs, like people, are better off taking things in moderation; just the same, you know you’re better off without the double chocolate cake slice even if it won’t kill you immediately.

Dangers of Pistachios

Pistachios do not have added preservatives or sugar like cake, what it does have is something most people would think is a good thing—healthy fats!

Unfortunately for our furry companions, the high fat and calorie dense nut will increase the likelihood of an upset stomach, obesity, and pancreatitis issues (Burke, Anna).

I know, the idea of having three roly-polies on our lap is adorable—until we can’t feel our legs or they cuddle on our necks when we nap.

Worst of all, our best friends would suffer with things like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and orthopedic problems (Akc).

Our wallets will be in pain too—cost of treatment for pancreatitis is an average of $785 (Nut Dangers to Dogs Infographic)!

We’re better off having a wine and filet mignon date with our dogs. I hope I don’t have to tell you why you shouldn’t literally drink wine with your four-legged companion. Save it for your “stressful” nights.

I’m not saying we should dive face first and wrestle the pistachio away if we drop a few, but know it should not be a reoccurring treat for dogs.

Pistachio Alternatives

If you do decide to share pistachios with your furry friend—clearly deciding not to heed my advice—purchase unsalted nuts, because salted indulgences usually lose nutritional value for dogs and humans alike.

Remember: it’s easier to clean up dropped nuts than vomit or diarrhea. Healthier treat options exist for dogs, and nuthing is more satisfying than our best friends healthy and happy.



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