Bravecto vs NexGard: Flea Medication Comparison

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If you love your dog, then you will always do whatever it takes to make him healthy. And that includes keeping your dog safe from fleas and ticks.

However, with so many options today, choosing the best option for your pup can be difficult.

Fleas and ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of dogs. They can cause so many problems to your dog, including anemia, dermatitis, and tapeworms.

But, if you don’t nip them in the bud, they may also lead to flea and tick paralysis.

Bravecto and NexGard are both popular options for flea and tick treatment in dogs. But which one is better for your dog?

In this article I will compare Bravecto and NexGard and help you to make the right decision for your dog.

A comparison of Bravecto vs NexGard is given below.

The Breakdown

Bravecto and NexGard are two of the best fleas and tick control chewables around.

So, the criteria I have used to determine the best dog medication are, firstly, if they can get rid of the parasites that cause fleas and tick bites.

Because if either is unable to do that, then they are not the best for your dog.

Secondly, I consider how fast they can get rid of the pests. Because the longer it takes to remove them, the more likely your dog is to suffer from allergic reactions as a result of their bites.

I also considered how the dog would feel about taking the medication, the price, and its ease of use.

My goal is for you to have all the information you need to make the right decision for your dog.

What is Bravecto?

Bravecto is an effective oral medication that kills various parasites (fleas and ticks) in dogs.

It also has the ability to stop these parasites from reproducing so they can’t multiply and cause more trouble to your dog. 

When administered this savory and chewable drug guarantees full protection for your dog for twelve weeks.

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This medication kills four different kinds of ticks: lone star ticks for 8 weeks, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks for 12 weeks, and black-legged ticks.  

Bravecto has been evaluated for use in lactating, breeding, and pregnant dogs.

This chewy medication kills fleas and ticks two hours after use, and it is suitable for dogs of different breeds.

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What is NexGard?

NexGard is also a chewable and savory oral medication.

This drug is FDA approved and comes in a chewable form flavored with beef so that it is easy to administer to dogs. 

NexGard is also an effective oral treatment that kills fleas and ticks.

This nibble kills fleas, ticks, and adult fleas before they can lay eggs, protecting pets from fleas and ticks.

This is an excellent tick-killing formula that will kill tick species such as black-legged ticks, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, and the lone star tick.

The product also prevents various health problems such as flea allergy dermatitis and other diseases caused by fleas and ticks.

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Similarities Between Bravecto and NexGard

Purpose: Bravecto and NexGard both have one goal, which is to prevent your dog from getting bitten by fleas and ticks. In this regard, they are very similar.

Ease of Use: Bravecto and NexGard are chewable tablets that can be administered with ease to your dog. To use either for your dog, you just need to put it in its mouth or mix it with a small amount of its favorite food.

Chewable Tablet: Both Bravecto and NexGard contain chewy tablets for easy administration. The dog doesn’t have to go through a lot of stress when taking the pill.

Minimum Age: Both tablets cannot be used for dogs less than eight weeks old.

Elimination of Flea Eggs: Bravecto and NexGard are both effective in the elimination of flea eggs from your dog. It is what makes them a premium product.

Prescription Required: Both Bravecto and NexGard require a prescription to purchase. If you are unable to get one from a vet, consider looking at the best non-prescription flea medications.

Bravecto vs NexGard chewable prescription flea meds compared

In-Depth Comparison: Bravecto Vs. NexGard

Bravecto and NexGard are premium oral flea and tick medications for dogs. They are both very effective in eliminating ticks and fleas from your dog.

However, they have different features.

Bravecto and NexGard both have unique features that make them different from one another.

I have explained them below:

Main Ingredient

Fluralaner is the main ingredient in Bravecto, while Afoxolaner is the main ingredient in NexGard.

Working Time

After administration, it takes the active ingredient of Bravecto 2 hours to kill the fleas.

On the other hand, it takes NexGard about 24 hours to kill fleas.

Treatment Length

Bravecto will stay and remain active in your pet’s system, preventing fleas infestations for 12 weeks1.

On the other hand, NexGard will survive and remain involved in the pet’s body for one month.

Pattern of Dosage

Bravecto and NexGard are administered in one dosage.

However, Bravecto is taken once in 12 weeks for continuous prevention of fleas whereas NexGard is administered monthly. 


Bravecto can only be given to six months old, while NexGard can be given to dogs as early as eight weeks2.

In addition, Bravecto has been evaluated to be safely administered to pregnant, breeding, and lactating dogs.

However, NexGard has not been tested for use in pregnant dogs.


NexGard comes in a beef flavor, while Bravecto comes in a tasty flavor.


The prices of these two oral flea and tick medications are relatively different.

For example, Bravecto is over three times more expensive than NexGard.

But you should not base your decision on price alone.


Merck produces Bravecto, whereas Boehringer Ingelheim produces NexGard.

Bravecto Vs. NexGard: Which is Better?

I think many will agree that these two products effectively eliminate fleas from a dog’s body.

That being said, Bravecto edges out NexGard because Bravecto offers more months of protection for your dog from fleas and ticks because it is effective for three months, compared to NexGard that lasts for a month.

As a dog owner, I believe having to give my dog this pill monthly can become tedious, so it is preferable to have a product that lasts longer.

However, it comes down to what you feel most comfortable with. 

Final Thoughts

As I have emphasized throughout this article, Bravecto and NexGard are excellent flea and tick prevention products in dogs.

They are both safe and very effective.

However, they are manufactured by different companies, so it is expected that there will be some differences. 

In the end, preference and other factors like the price may affect your decision.

Considering Bravecto costs about three times more than NexGard, you may be inclined to go for the latter if your budget constrains you, but keep in mind you’ll have to buy NexGard three times as often.

You may also opt for one over the other depending on the intervals you feel comfortable administering it to your pet, whether it is once every 12 weeks or monthly.


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