Does Baking Soda Kill Fleas?

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Last night I got an urgent text from a friend saying that she found fleas on her dog, Rocco, and wanted to know how she could get rid of them fast.

My first thought was, “Ugh!” If you have ever dealt with fleas, you know how hard it can be to get rid of them.

Of course, when I received her message, the pet supply stores were closed, and no one wants to wait until tomorrow to start treating that problem.

The good news was that she had baking soda and could get more from the 24-hour grocery store, and she was going to need more if she was planning on using it to kill fleas throughout her home.

Does Baking Soda Kill Fleas?

Active baking soda does kill fleas and is an easy and convenient solution too.

When I say “active,” I am not referring to the old box of baking soda in the back of your fridge. Instead, you will need a new or recently opened box to take care of your flea infestation.

And baking soda kills all flea life stages, including larvae and eggs, which is vital when eradicating fleas[1].

Though baking soda effectively kills fleas, it does not act as a flea repellent, so you will want to consider using something like coconut oil or essential oils to keep future fleas away.

It is important to note that though baking soda is excellent at taking care of flea problems, it is best to use it with table salt to ensure the best coverage of any surface.

Baking soda is so light that it stays near the surface of the carpet or fabric, whereas the salt will fall deeper, so you will have a better chance of getting more fleas.

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How Does Baking Soda Kill Fleas?

Baking soda works to kill fleas by dehydrating the flea.

When baking soda comes in contact with the flea’s exoskeleton, it starts to pull the moisture from the flea’s body, slowly dehydrating them.

Also, when a flea cleans itself, it will ingest the baking soda increasing the speed of dehydration.

How Long Does it Take for Baking Soda to Kill Fleas?

Unfortunately, baking soda does take time to eliminate the fleas in your home.

After applying baking soda, it is best to leave it to sit for a minimum of 2 hours, but overnight is best.

Is Baking Soda Safe for Dogs?

Baking soda is safe when used topically on dogs. However, if it is ingested, it can be toxic in larger amounts.

And when I refer to large amounts, it is essential to keep your dog’s size in mind. A chihuahua can not safely consume the same amount as a Great Dane.

And puppies have a more delicate system, so they are more likely to have an adverse effect from consuming baking soda.

How to Use Baking Soda for Fleas

Though, it is not the best choice to use directly on your dog since it takes time to go to work; plus, using salt on your dog may cause them discomfort if they have any open flea bites.

To use baking soda to kill fleas in your home, mix 50/50 baking soda and salt and put it into a shaker jar for easy dispersal.

Sprinkle your baking soda and salt mixture over carpets[2], on upholstery, or other surfaces you are treating for fleas.

Then gently work the baking soda and salt into the surface; obviously, this does not apply to any hard surfaces.

Also, pay close attention to the areas around the baseboards where fleas like to hide.

Allow the mixture to rest undisturbed for 12-hours, then thoroughly vacuum the area to remove the baking soda, salt, and fleas.

Be sure to always empty your vacuum immediately after in an outdoor receptacle so that any living fleas do not reinfest your home.

It is best to repeat the treatment three to four more times over the next couple of months.

Even though baking soda kills all flea life stages, there is a potential that not 100% of the fleas, larvae, and eggs will contact the mixture on the first go-round.

Baking soda and salt make a great natural flea killer
Baking soda and salt make a great natural flea killer

Flea Treatments to Use on Your Dog

Just because baking soda is not the best choice to use on your dog, several natural options are available.

And if you are battling fleas, you need to eliminate them from all areas of your dog’s life, including them.

The best way to eliminate flea infestations on your dog without using chemicals is by giving your dog a flea bath. You can use commercial flea shampoos like TropiClean or Vet’s Best Shampoo.

However, you can use some great home remedies, such as adding coconut oil to your dog’s favorite shampoo. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is effective at killing fleas quickly.

After lathering your pup up, let the shampoo sit on your dog for about 15 minutes, then rinse your dog thoroughly.

Towel your dog off, and then over the same towel, you will want to use a flea comb to comb your dog out, removing any fleas or debris that didn’t rinse out during the bath.


Can I Use Baking Soda to Kill Fleas on My Dog?

You can, but it is not as effective as other methods. Unfortunately, baking soda takes a long time to go to work, and as your dog moves about, the baking soda will fall off.

Does Baking Soda Kill or Repel Ticks?

Baking soda kills fleas through dehydration, but it does not repel ticks.

Is Baking Soda Bad for Dogs?

Consuming baking soda can be toxic to dogs.

Does Baking Soda Kill Flea Larvae and Eggs?

Yes, unlike many home remedies, baking soda interrupts the flea life cycle putting an end to the fleas.


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