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Jessica Mabie

Jessica and her husband share their lives with four amazing high energy Brittanys and one very awesome cat. You’ll rarely see her without her 4 pack, they go everywhere with her, including most vacations. So, if you see her out and about with her family don’t hesitate to say “Hi!”, (You’ll know it’s her since few are so daring as to have 4 Britts).

How to Choose the Right Size Crate for Your Dog

By Jessica Mabie

My brother Allen and his family live in California, and they come home each year for Christmas. This year my brother called to ask me my thoughts on them bringing their dog, Juni, home with them. I said I thought it was a fantastic idea since Juni’s a chihuahua and is small enough to travel […]

How to Clean a Dog House

By Jessica Mabie

My dogs do not love the great outdoors for more than hiking and walking, so we have never needed a dog house. However, my grandparent’s Siberian Husky, Star, is a whole different story. In the summertime, Star spends a great deal of time indoors enjoying the AC, but once fall and winter hit, she’s all […]

How to Use Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers

By Jessica Mabie

Having three dogs and a cat means 16 paws of nail trimming. So, it’s not just a chore in our house, it’s an event! Thankfully, all of our wee ones are good about getting their nails trimmed and only need minor distractions with treats. However, I haven’t always been so lucky. I have had my […]

How to Wash Stinky Dog Collars

By Jessica Mabie

It’s that time of year again to switch from fall collars to Christmas collars. Yes, I am that mom who has a variety of collars for different seasons and a couple of sports teams. And yes, I am well aware that the dogs don’t care if they are wearing cute collars or nothing at all. […]

Your Puppy’s First Year: What to Expect

By Jessica Mabie

The day I brought Daisy home is one of my most treasured memories. I had picked her out at four weeks old and was over the moon the day I was able to pick her up. So, when the day finally came to pick Daisy up, I thought I was 100% prepared for a puppy. […]

Blue Buffalo vs. Science Diet

By Jessica Mabie

Last night over supper, I was talking with my dad, who has a Golden Retriever named Clyde, about different dog food options. We have been feeding our dogs Hills Prescription Diet Z/D for years. It is a hypoallergenic recipe that we started buying for Sophie. Since Clyde also has allergies, my dad has been feeding […]

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