Does Baby Powder Kill Fleas on Dogs?

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Though I use many commercial products, I am always on the lookout for safer, more natural solutions to keep my dogs healthy, happy, and safe.

One of my most recent finds was using baby powder to kill fleas.

I have a hate-hate relationship with fleas and do everything I can to ensure we do not end up with fleas in our home.

Fleas are not only a major pain to get rid of, but they can cause significant harm to our dogs, including tapeworms.

So, fleas are not something I take lightly.

Does Baby Powder Kill Fleas?

How to safely use baby powder kill fleas on dogs away from face


Baby powder is an excellent and safe solution to use on dogs who are suffering from fleas.

It is an excellent choice to use on your dogs and on fabrics that can not easily go into the washing machine such as oversized dog beds, carpets, rugs, and the interior of your car.

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Does Baby Powder Just Repel Fleas?

Unfortunately, the baby powder does not repel fleas; it only kills them on contact.

Does Baby Powder Kill Flea Eggs and Larvae?

Baby powder is effective at killing fleas; unfortunately, it does not interrupt the lifecycle.

However, with diligence and patience, baby powder can aid in ridding your dog and home of these parasites.

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How Effective Is Baby Powder?

Baby powder is very effective at killing adult fleas when properly administered.

However, it would be best to use this remedy in conjunction with other natural flea remedies.

How Does Baby Powder Kill Fleas?

Baby powder kills fleas through suffocation.

Once applied, the fine dust of the powder causes the flea to die due to the lack of air.

Unfortunately, since eggs and pupae do not require oxygen as readily, it is less effective on them.

Is Baby Powder Safe for Dogs?

Baby powder should not be consumed or breathed in by dogs; however, it is otherwise very safe to use as a topical treatment.

Baby powder is good for your dog’s skin and coat[1]. Also, it can help relieve some of the itchiness caused by flea bites.

Also, choosing a baby powder free of talcum is vital to ensure it is safe to use.

Talcum has been linked with certain forms of cancer due occurring with asbestos and should not be used on dogs[2].

Also, go for unscented baby powder such as Ora’s Amazing Herbal Unscented Baby Powder.

Is Baby Powder Safe for Puppies?

Yes, baby powder is a safe choice for puppies and is ideal to use on or around young puppies too young for conventional flea treatments.

Also, since it is a chemical-free option, it is the perfect choice for using on bedding and carpet to keep your puppy safe and away from harmful chemicals.

How to Use Baby Powder for Fleas on Your Dog

When using baby powder on your dog or puppy, you must not apply it directly to your dog’s coat.

If you pour the baby powder on your dog, it can easily be breathed in, causing upper respiratory irritation.

Here is a list of things you will need:

When using baby powder on fleas, follow these steps to ensure a safe and effective application:

  1. Choose an area away from your dog’s eating area in a well-ventilated room or outdoor area out of the wind.
  2. Layout a towel or sheet large enough to catch fleas, their debris, and the powder
  3. Put on gloves
  4. Sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder into your hands and rub them together
  5. Rub your baby powdered hands through your dog’s coat. Be sure to rub it deep, so you are applying to their skin in addition to their fur. Be sure to thoroughly cover your dog in baby powder while avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth
  6. Allow it to sit on your dog for ten minutes; this might be a good time to go for a short walk with your dog.
  7. Place your dog back onto the sheet or towel.
  8. Using the flea comb, comb out your dog coat; this will remove the dead fleas.
  9. Immediately dispose of the dead fleas and debris in an outdoor garbage.
  10. Bathe your dog to remove any excess baby powder and to remove any missed fleas or debris.

How to Use Baby Powder for Fleas in Your Home

In addition to treating your dog, you will also need to treat your home, car, and anywhere your dog frequents.

To treat carpets, fabrics, and dog beds with baby powder, generously sprinkle all over the area. Then with gloved hands, work the powder into the fabric.

Pay close attention to baseboards and other dark crevices where larvae like to hide.

Since baby powder does not kill all life stages of the flea life cycle, you will need to repeat treatment in your home and car for the next few months.

Pupae can remain in a stasis stage for months until the environment is optimal to hatch[3]; this is why many people see fleas again a month or so after treatment.


Baby powder is useful for killing fleas.

However, it should be noted that it does not interrupt the lifecycle, so continued treatments are required.

Whenever there is a flea infestation, it is critical to continue treatment for at least one month or two, though longer is better.

Also, you can use multiple treatments for fleas at the same time, such as adding coconut oil to your dog’s shampoo or adding diatomaceous earth, like Harris Diatomaceous Earth powder, to the baby powder to treat the home.

As a general maintenance plan, you can use baby powder whenever vacuuming for flea management as well as freshening your home.

For those who have dogs with an oilier coat, using baby powder on carpet and bedding when vacuuming will help remove these oils from the material and reduce odor in your home.


Can I Put Baby Powder on My Dog?

Yes. It works to kill fleas and can be used in between baths to help your dog smelling fresh and help their coat look healthy.

Is Baby Powder Safe for Cats and Other Pets?

Yes, baby powder is safe for cats and most other animals, though check with your vet if you have an exotic pet before using.

How Long Does It Take for Baby Powder to Kill Fleas?

Around 5-10 minutes.

Is Baby Powder Safe for Pets to Breathe?

No, it is vital to keep baby powder away from your dog’s face, so they do not breathe it in

Does Baby Powder Kill Ticks?

Though there are no studies showing that baby powder kills ticks, they will suffocate without ample oxygen, so technically yes, it should.


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