Press Release: Merges With

Central Park Paws is proud to announce that they are joining forces with to provide the best advice for caring for, training, and loving your pet!

Whether you’re looking for the right dog food for your furry friend, trying to decide on which flea medication to use on your dog, picking the best dog house for your big pup, or just need help trimming your dog’s nails, we’re here to help.

What did Infurmation do? was the home of the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), an international coalition of animal protection organizations working to bring an end to the exploitation and killing of animals for their fur.

The content from Infurmation can be found on the FFA’s new site,

Why the Merger?

Infurmation’s devotion to the well-being of animals resonated with Central Park Paws’ mission of improving the lives of pets around the globe and their owners.

With this mission in mind, Central Park Paws believes they can help further the goals of the FFA and commitment to animal welfare and the community.

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