Merrick vs. Taste of the Wild

Merrick vs Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food Review

Every once in a while, I get curious about what food is out there for dogs. It’s always good to know what’s on the market and the truth behind the advertisements I see online and on TV. Maggie’s had her fair share of Merrick food ever since she was a puppy. I trusted it when […]

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How to Trim a Puppy’s Nails

How to Trim a Puppy's Nails

Some people have no problem with trimming their dog’s nails, but I was not one of those people. My stomach flipped with nerves when I thought about trimming Maggie’s nails, especially when she was a puppy. I loved taking her baby paws in my hand to feel their soft pads, but the thought of clipping […]

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