Nutro vs Taste of the Wild

Nutro vs Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

The other day when I went to my local pet store to pick up food for the pups, I was horrified to see that they were all out of the brand I usually buy for my dogs. Because I had a crazy week. I had completely run out, and there was no way I was […]

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Nutro vs Blue Buffalo

Nutro vs Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review

The other day I received a panicked call from a friend, Sarah, who just got her first dog. Her panic was over the abundance of choices of kibble at the pet store, which as a dog parent I totally get. Her new dog is a medium-sized mix breed. The shelter guessed the dog to be […]

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Are Milk-Bones Bad for Dogs?

Are Milk Bones Bad for Dogs

Before I brought Maggie home almost two years ago, I got a lot of advice from my dog loving friends. Most of what I was told was advice I put into action, like taking care of her dental health and getting her ears cleaned at every visit to the groomer’s. Many people also warned me […]

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