Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs Review

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The Seresto Flea Collar – Is It Worth The Investment?

Flea collars for dogs can be darn expensive, especially if you buy one from the vet.

So surely you might as well pop into your local grocery store and pick up a nice cheap dog flea collar, right?

I mean you could save quite a few dollars, and after all flea collars for dogs are more or less the same, aren’t they?

The Seresto Flea Collar Review

We all love our pet dogs, and for the majority of us, the thought of our beloved animals suffering in any way, shape or fashion doesn’t bear thinking about.

If you have ever had an ant or two crawl over you, you will have maybe a little modicum of an idea about how horrible and irritating it feels.

Seresto flea collar reviewBut normally you and I might only end up with a few ants here and there.

When our furry friends get fleas, the reality is they get inundated with the little pests.

And those pests don’t just infest your dog, they infest his bed, his dog house, and even YOUR house!

As a responsible and caring dog owner you have a responsibility to look after them properly, and the Seresto flea and tick collar could be one of the best things you ever buy for your dog.

First and foremost, buying a dog flea collar from the supermarket is the equivalent of putting a plaster on a broken arm.

You might feel better for a few seconds, but it isn’t going to do diddly squat, and you are only fooling yourself.

There are some reasons for the difference in price, between a supermarket collar and the Seresto dog collar, with the main difference being that the Seresto Flea Collar actually works.

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All joking aside the supermarket collars may well kill a few fleas that come into contact with it directly, it may even work on the neck area, but if you ask anyone that has dogs, the majority of fleas will gather and breed at the base of the tail.

Expecting the cheap unbranded collar to eliminate your dog’s flea problem, is like throwing a bucket of cold water over your dirty car, and expecting it to be sparkly clean.

Pure and simple you are deluding yourself, and if you think about it realistically you know that’s the truth.

Plus, since these collars are made by some “bobo” knockoff brand, you can’t look up reviews to see if it actually does its job or if there are horrible side effects that you could be subjecting your pet to.

Finding reviews on the Seresto flea collar isn’t hard at all (there are over 400 here).

Also, see how the Seresto flea collar measured up against Frontline Plus and Bravecto. And how Nexgard did against the Seresto collar.

Does it Work?

The longer your dog has fleas, the worse the problem becomes, and, don’t forget, the more miserable your dog’s life is.

The Seresto Flea Collar continues to provide protection for eight months and starts to kill fleas and ticks within two hours of being put on the dog.

seresto flea and tick collar review
View of the actual flea collar

It works by slowly releasing its fatal flea chemicals from the collar, onto the fur and then eventually to the skin.

The chemicals are then distributed throughout the hair and skin of the body, leaving the irritating little fleas nowhere to hide.

Using a Seresto Dog collar is the equivalent of a shock and awe campaign versus the pea shooter method of a supermarket collar.

The key thing to remember here is that if your dog could speak, it would be thanking you for using a quality dog flea collar.

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Why Buy the Seresto Flea Collar?

Seresto flea and tick collar for dogs reviewThe key thing to remember here is why you are spending the money, and what the problem is you are trying to solve.

Dog fleas bite and feed on our pets, they cause pain and discomfort, and yet the solution is both simple to obtain and apply.

The Seresto flea collar has two main ingredients:

  1. Imidacloprid, which targets both the fleas themselves and also their larvae. We don’t want to have a quick one-off fix, we want a permanent solution, so by killing both the adults and the larvae you are launching a double pronged attack on the problem.
  2. Ticks are a different problem, and so that calls for a different product; namely Flumethrin. This repels and kills ticks, while also killing the larvae and baby ticks. You are effectively killing the problem at source, and like most problems, once it is under control further outbreaks become much less likely.

See Full Specs

In our tests, the Seresto Flea Collar proved very effective.

When we discovered our dogs had fleas, we researched the various options and also spoke to our vet who recommended Seresto as the best flea collar for dogs.

A week after fitting the collar, we took the dogs back to the vet for a checkup and both dogs were given a clean bill of health.

That alone was enough to convince us, but there are some other benefits of using this product that I wanted to mention.

  • The collar gets to work almost instantly killing the fleas and stopping the problem in its tracks. Fleas breed rapidly so the quicker you solve the problem, the better.
  • The collars are quick and easy to apply unlike the flea drops we used to use. No squirting liquids or holding the dog and hoping the liquid went in the right place.
  • The collar leaves no residue or visible mess on the dog, and our dogs showed no reaction or concerns once the collar was fitted.
  • The collar lasts for eight months, compared to an industry average of three, and even on the last day of that eight months, the collar is claimed to kill 90 percent of fleas – quite impressive compared to a chewable flea pill like Bravecto.
  • The collar itself is waterproof, so if you have a dog that loves to go swimming, the chemicals won’t be washed away
  • Perhaps my favorite feature of all is that the collar has built in release mechanisms which will let the collar snap off the dog, should it become trapped by a branch or other item.Bayer Seresto flea collar for dogs review

Overall I have been delighted with the Seresto Flea Collar. It did exactly what it promised, it was easy to fit, and when I got the calculator out and worked out the cost, I actually found that it was the cheaper option.

Because it lasts for eight months at a time, it might seem expensive, initially, but the reality is that compared to inferior products that need to be replaced every three months it’s actually a cheaper alternative.

Every product has its negatives, and the Seresto is no exception.

The collar, as with all collars, only works if the dog keeps wearing it, so compared so something like Frontline, which is a liquid that is applied directly to the skin, the collar is useless if not worn.

Also, if your dog continually goes for a daily swim, the length of time it proves effective will be diminished.

Lastly, do not use this flea collar on puppies under 8 weeks. It could be fatal to them and no one wants to be a puppy killer.

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Bottom Line

All things considered, I will never return to squirting a little bit of liquid onto the back of my dog’s neck.

The Seresto flea and tick collars are in my opinion, cheaper, easier to apply, lasts longer, and it just works.

Highly recommended.

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