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Emily Pierce is a self-published novelist, award winning short story writer, and freelancer. When she’s not writing, she enjoys baking and making clothes for dogs.

2020’s 6 Best Dog Foods for Urinary Care and Health

By Emily Pierce

Before I became a dog owner, I thought I had dog food pretty much figured out. You looked for the brand you liked, bought the right food for how old your dog was, and walked out of the store. No big deal. Now I know it’s way more complicated than that. Not every major brand […]

Can Dogs Eat Mulberries?

By Emily Pierce

Dogs eat so much more than you’d think. If it smells good, they’ll run to it faster than you can grab their leash. While I take Maggie on walks now, she likes to dart occasionally if she smells something interesting. That means she’s come across her fair share of berries from bushes and trees. The […]

Supreme Source Grain Free Dog Food Review

By Emily Pierce

Every dog food brand prides itself on being the newest and best food for your dog. Companies plaster promises on every bag, so it’s hard to know what to buy when you’re walking down the aisle at your pet store. Sometimes I look at new dog food brands online to learn more about what Maggie […]

How to Use Dog Nail Clippers with a Safety Guard

By Emily Pierce

I spent my entire childhood watching my dad clip our dogs’ nails. The metallic snapping sound always freaked me out, especially in the rare moment when the clipping ended in a bloody paw. When I got Maggie, I couldn’t bring myself to trim her puppy nails. She always waited for the groomer to take care […]

Victor Dog Food vs Taste of the Wild

By Emily Pierce

When you’re a dog parent, it’s up to you to make the smartest decisions for your dog. As much as Maggie might enjoy sniffing her way through the food aisle at our local pet store to munch on the smelliest bag, I know that there’s a lot more that goes into picking out her food. […]

WholeHearted Dog Food Brand Review

By Emily Pierce

Before I owned my own dog, I didn’t realize they could get tired of their old food. My family’s dogs always jumped at the chance to eat their next meal. Maggie isn’t quite the same. Sometimes she gets tired of eating the same thing everyday and I can’t blame her. Still, it’s always a surprise […]

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