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Dog Dandruff: Causes, Symptoms, And How to Get Rid of It

By Emily Pierce

My dog Maggie has a lot of adorable habits. She takes a stuffed animal with her to bed every night and spins in circles after she hears the words “dinner time.” Her habits are the cutest, so when I noticed that she started scratching herself frequently one day, I started thinking about dandruff. Can dogs […]

Arthritis in Dogs

By Mark

It was so subtle, we actually missed it. It’s not that we didn’t notice – we did – but it was just easy to rationalize away… It’s cold, he doesn’t want to leave the warm spot in front of the fire. He was up late barking at that stupid cat, he’s just tired. He doesn’t […]

How Big Do German Shepherds Get?

By Jessica Mabie

German Shepherds are one of my favorite dog breeds. Before I adopted Daisy, a Brittany, I was planning on getting a German Shepherd. What changed my mind was the size. Not because I didn’t know how big they got, but due to misinformation regarding the townhouse I was planning on buying. So, it was either […]

How Long After Flea Treatment Can I Bathe My Dog?

By Emily Pierce

If and when Maggie ever gets fleas, I want to know if I’m doing anything potentially harmful to her. There are many different ways that dog parents can fight fleas. There are flea pills, collars, and even topical treatments. They all come with different instructions, but what about the flea fighting technique that most people […]

Are Milk-Bones Bad for Dogs?

By Emily Pierce

Before I brought Maggie home almost two years ago, I got a lot of advice from my dog loving friends. Most of what I was told was advice I put into action, like taking care of her dental health and getting her ears cleaned at every visit to the groomer’s. Many people also warned me […]

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