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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Dog

By Emily Pierce

Every dog owner does their best to take care of their dog at all times. I know I love to spoil Maggie with treats, extra play time, and plenty of daily walks, but the hard truth is that we can’t always protect our pups. Something that concerns me is the possibility of Maggie getting fleas. […]

What is CBD Oil and Why Should I Use It on My Dog?

By Mark

CBD oil has become popular for humans, as it offers the therapeutic properties of cannabis, but without the high. Though research on CBD for humans and pets alike is limited, it is overall promising and suggests that CBD can promote wellness with little to no risk. Generally, CBD can help dogs get relief from chronic […]

Greenies vs Dentastix

By Emily Pierce

I’ll admit that the only dental care my family’s dogs ever got was a nice bone every once and a while. Doggy dental care just wasn’t even on our minds. When I brought Maggie home, my best friend told me about Greenies and how important it is to keep your dog’s mouth healthy. That made […]

Are Dentastix Safe for Dogs?

By Emily Pierce

I’m always looking for the next best way I can take care of Maggie, and I think any dog owner would feel the same way. Lately, people have become aware that dogs need more oral care than just a new bone every once and a while. Besides getting regular dental cleanings at the vet and […]

Flea Baths for Dogs

By Emily Pierce

I like to keep a close eye on how often Maggie scratches herself. Once or twice a day is fine, but if she’s itching more often than not, it’s time to take a closer look at her fur. Regularly inspecting your dog for fleas is always a good idea, especially if your dog spends a […]

Tapeworms in Dogs: Causes, Prevention, and Treatments

By Mark

What are Tapeworms? Ah, the tapeworm. It’s easily identifiable by the long, flat, segmented body which tends to break off in pieces and can be seen in stool. The tapeworm is an equal opportunity infector; it can be found in just about any animal species on the planet including upper class, first-world country humans. The […]

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