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How to Use Coconut Oil for Sore, Cracked, and Dry Dog Paws

By Emily Pierce

Dog owners are no strangers to beauty trends. I see other dog parents post on social media about different sprays and brushes they use, not to mention types of shampoo. There’s always some new product to try, but I rarely hear about things both Maggie and I can use at the same time. That’s why […]

How to Cut a Dog’s Nails without Clippers

By Jessica Mabie

Recently I was asked, “How can I cut my dog’s nails without clippers?” My initial reaction was to use a Dremel but had no other answer to give. Honestly, the question bugged me. Well more accurately, my lack of a better solution bugged me. I am the type of person when asked a question that, […]

Why Your Puppy Isn’t Eating and How to Fix It

By Emily Pierce

You just brought home your puppy and everything they do fascinates you. When their tiny paw twitches in their sleep, you catch it on video. When they take their first bath, you capture the moment with endless pictures. When they lick you with that sweet puppy breath of theirs. That’s exactly how I felt when […]

Essential Oils for Dogs with Dry, Itchy Skin

By Emily Pierce

The first time I noticed Maggie scratching at herself more than usual, my first thought was that she had fleas. After a closer inspection, that didn’t end up being true, but she still continued scratching. It wasn’t until after I called the vet that I learned that dogs get dry and itchy skin like humans. […]

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