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How to Cut a Dog’s Nails

By Mark

Ever watch a rodeo, with these cute little kids are dressed up in their cowboy and cowgirl gear, chasing a baby pig? Yeah – that’s what I walked into at my friend’s house a couple weeks ago. But without the kids cowboy boots. Or the pig. My friends recently adopted their first family dog and […]

Are Antlers Bad for Dogs? (And How to Make Your Own)

By Mark

I sip my coffee as I look at the growing pile on the table, and smile. I know what he’s doing, he knows what he is doing – and of course he knows that I know what he’s doing. But hey, we do the little dance anyway cuz it’s how we roll. “Whatcha doing?” I […]

What Does It Mean When a Dog Eats Grass?

By Mark

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? “This is Shasta. She’s a vegan” That was the simple introduction made by my hubby as he placed the little blue-eyed husky mix – cleverly disguised as a ball of fur with giant ears and a pink tongue – into my open arms.  Through the “getting to know you” puppy […]

Can My Dog Eat That?

By Mark

Treats and Snacks Your Dogs Shouldn’t Be Eating Anyone who has ever been a dog owner will know the effect of those big eyes looking up at you and pleading for that little treat of leftover from your plate. Or if your dog is anything like my chomping chihuahuas then you know the second you […]

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