Embrace vs. PetPlan vs. Eusoh: Which Pet Insurance Plan is Best for You?

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We know how fast vet bills can pile up, especially in the event of accidents and illnesses.

One of the best ways to ensure you have peace of mind when it comes to covering vet bills is signing up for pet insurance before its too late.

In this article, we have compared and researched the three top pet insurance companies on the market – Embrace vs. PetPlan vs. Eusoh – and pulled together the data to help you decide on which is best for you.

Though we think you will agree, Embrace offers the best plan and price flexibility.

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Embrace vs. PetPlan vs. Eusoh

Pet health insurance plans compared Embrace PetPlan Eusoh
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Embrace Dog Insurance

Embrace has been in business since 2003 and is headquartered in Ohio.

Since they opened, it has received multiple awards, including the best place to work in Ohio. Additionally. Embrace supports its community through volunteer work and donations to various charities.

Embrace offers the Healthy Pet Deductible discount to all customers.

The discount reduces your annual deductible by $50 each year there are no claims paid out.

What sets Embrace apart from most other companies is that they offer flexible policy options, accident-only insurance for seniors, and a Wellness Rewards program to help offset costs associated with routine, wellness, and preventative care[1].

In addition to wellness and care vet bills, the Wellness Rewards program also reimburses for training, grooming, and even wearable pet activity monitors.

The main accident and illness plan is fully customizable, and prices are based on your preferences, your dog’s breed, age, and your location.

Their different coverage options include:

  • Annual Reimbursement Limits: $5,000, $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, $30,000
  • Annual Deductible Options: $1,000, $750, $500, $300, $200
  • Reimbursement Options: 70%, 80%, 90%


  • Receive up to 90% reimbursement
  • Annual deductible discounts available
  • Wellness Rewards covers training, routine care, teeth cleaning, and more
  • Customized plans


  • A vet exam is required within the last 12 months before or 14 days after the start date of the policy
  • Enrollment Fee of $25 and a $1 monthly fee

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Petplan pet Insurance

The inspiration behind PetPlan was a cat named Bodie. Or, more accurately, it was founded after Bodie became ill[2].

The vet bills added up and put a significant financial strain on the would-be founders of PetPlan, which is when they realized the business opportunity for pet insurance to help pet parents with unforeseen vet bills.

PetPlan offers a 15-30% savings when your pet stays healthy. The first year your pet goes without receiving payment on a claim you will receive a 15% discount off the next year’s premium, the discount maxes out at 30%

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PetPlan Insurance offers coverage for illnesses, accidents, and vet exam fees for non-wellness appointments.

What I particularly like about PetPlan is that they offer four different plan options.

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Though all of the policies cover the same issues, there are different price-point levels of coverage.

The three plans offer varying maximum annual payout amounts, $5,000, $15,000, and an unlimited payout option.

Additionally, there are three yearly deductible options: $500, $300, and $250.

However, reimbursement for the three initial plans is always 80%.

The fourth plan is fully customized; you choose the maximum payout, the annual deductible, and the reimbursement percentage, between 70%, 80%, or 90%.


  • No signup fees
  • Covers online visits
  • Offers a 30% savings for keeping your dog healthy
  • Four plan options to fit your budget


  • Zero coverage for general wellness care and preventative medicine
  • No coverage on bilateral conditions


Eusoh Logo

Eusoh opened its doors in 2017, when founder Allen, Kamrava, MD, launched his dream of making medical bills more affordable.

Though Kamrava’s dreams initiated with human medical care, he thought it best to start with pet coverage first.

Eusoh is not a traditional pet insurance company; instead, it is a community-based cost-share program to aid pet parents with vet bills[3].

The monthly fees vary based on what claims paid out that month, though the minimum is $17 and the maximum is $65, most plans average $35.

There is only one plan offered, and it has a $250 deductible with an 80% reimbursement.


  • Community-based program
  • Only $250 annual out of pocket costs
  • Never pay more than $65 per month for the program.
  • No annual vet appointment requirements


  • Membership is dependent on being approved by other members of a group.
  • 30-day waiting period

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Face to Face Comparison

What is the best dog health insurance plan available for my pet
Photo by Senior Airman Christopher Stoltz

Plan Features and Requirements

Plan Features and RequirementsEmbracePetPlan Eusoh
Routine/Wellness/Preventative Care Add-on AvailableYesNoNo
Medical Records Requirement12 Months24 Months0 Months 
Healthy Pets Diminishing Deductible FeatureYesYesNo
Annual Vet Visit RequirementNoYesNo
Window to Submit ClaimsFull Policy Term + 60 Days90 Days from Office Visit30 Days 
Direct Pay from Checking/Savings AccountYes NoYes
Annual Dental Exam Requirement NoYesNo
Waiting Periods2 Days for Accidents and
14 Days for Illnesses
15 Days for Accidents and Illnesses30 Days for Accidents and Illnesses
Initial Vet Visit RequirementWithin 12 Months Prior to EnrollmentWithin 6 Months Prior to EnrollmentNone
Reimbursement MethodDeductible then Copay Copay then DeductibleDeductible then Copay 
Behavioral Modifcation Training CoverageYesNoNo
Coverage for Racing & Guarding ActivitiesYesNoNo
Senior CoverageYesYesYes
Enrollment Fee$25$0$48

Customer Reviews

Below I’ve compiled grades, reviews, and complaints found with the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB grades each company on a set of pre-established standards, and customer opinion is not included in this factor.

However, the number of star reviews and complaints are all customer-initiated.

Better Business Bureau ReviewsBBB’s GradeAverage # of Stars based on Customer Reviews# of Complaints Filed in the Last Three Years
EmbraceA+1.5 stars from 29 reviews53
PetPlanA+1 star from 13 reviews73
EusohB+N/A – No Reviews 1


Though the three companies have similar coverage, there are a few differences:

Emergency CareYesYesYes
Accidents & InjuriesYesYesYes
Orthopedic IssuesYesYesYes
Prescription MedicationsYesYesYes
Routine CareYesYesYes
Hereditary ConditionsYesYesYes
Congenital ConditionsYesYesYes
Alternative TreatmentsYesYesYes
Wellness Care Add OnNoYes
Behavioral therapyYesNoNo
Consultations/exam feesYesYesYes
Parasite Preventative CareAdd OnNoYes


I have based pricing on a 1 year old Brittany Female in Minnesota:

EmbraceAnnual Reimbursement LimitAnnual DeductibleReimbursementMonthly Rate
PetPlanAnnual Reimbursement LimitAnnual DeductibleReimbursementMonthly Rate
EusohAnnual Reimbursement LimitAnnual DeductibleReimbursementMonthly Rate
One Plan$8,500$25080%$17-$65

Standout Features

Each of the companies stands out for different reasons, which sets the companies apart from one another.

I have chosen the most significant feature that stands out the most, and which I feel pet parents would value most.

Best health care benefits dog insurance plans

Embrace – Wellness Plan

For dog parents looking for a fully comprehensive policy, they can add the wellness option that allows for reimbursement for wellness care, including things like grooming, preventative care, and massage therapy.

PetPlan – Pricing

Significantly lower monthly fees.

PetPlan’s monthly payments are lower than the average plan, yet has similar coverage to other policies.

Eusoh – Single Comprehensive Plan

Eusoh offers one plan that includes accidents, illnesses, wellness, and preventative care.

Most companies don’t have wellness care programs, and when they do, it is an add-on feature.

How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance for Your Dog

Choose PetPlan for younger dogs that do not have pre-existing issues since they have good accident and illness coverage.

Learn More: Pet Insurance and Pre-Existing Condition: What You Need to Know

PetPlan is also good if you are on a tight budget as they have a policy that is fully customizable to create an affordable insurance plan that meets your needs.

Use Eusoh if you are considering a comprehensive plan that covers essential wellness and parasite prevention since monthly prices range between $17-$65.

Also choose Eusoh if you are looking for a community-based program, with pet parents supporting each other during challenging times.

Use Embrace if you are looking for a policy that covers above and beyond the basics of accidents and illnesses.

Consider Embrace if you have a senior dog that’s 15+ years old since they offer an affordable accident only option.

And they also offer their wellness plan to seniors!


Overall, Embrace is the winner for me.

The reason I chose Embrace is based on my personal experiences.

I would have loved to have insurance coverage to aid in costs associated with training, behavior therapy, nutritional supplements, and prescription diet food.

No other company offers coverage as extensive as Embrace.

Click here if you agree and want nose to tail coverage for your pup!


Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Yes, you will be grateful you have it in the event your dog becomes ill or has an accident.

Vet bills add up quickly, especially when emergency hospitals and specialty doctors get involved or if follow up or continued care is needed.

What Is the Average Monthly Cost of Pet Insurance?

It depends on the care plan you choose, but most programs average $36+ for a standard accident and illness plans.

Should I Get the Add-On for Preventative Care?

If you have a puppy, the add-on wellness plans are great to help offset the initial year’s expenses.

Often, the first year of vet bills for a puppy include multiple fecal tests, vaccines and boosters, and spaying or neutering, plus monthly preventative care.

Just be sure you thoroughly read what is and isn’t covered in the plan before you sign up.


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