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Puppy Teething Schedule

By Emily Pierce

There are a few things all dog owners worry about when they’re about to bring a puppy home. My biggest worries were that Maggie wouldn’t like her toys, enjoy her food, or even adjust to her change in home. The last thing on my mind was her teething schedule. When it came to anything health […]

How to Tell if a Dog is in Pain

By Jessica Mabie

This is not an easy question to answer. Dogs are so different from one another, and so are their reactions to pain. Ginger started scream-crying when the vet sprayed her leg with alcohol before a blood draw, which was clearly not painful. Daisy was hesitant picking up a tennis ball, and when she finally did, […]

Puppy Shot Schedule

By Emily Pierce

As I was preparing to bring my puppy Maggie home, I was told by many friends and family members who had raised their own puppies that I needed to prepare for vet visits. Puppies need to go to the vet very often during their first year at home. It’s crucial for the vet to monitor […]

Thundershirt for Dogs Review

By Jessica Mabie

  Sophie’s anxiety started with thunderstorms, the dreaded fireworks, and high-pitched beeping noises. At first, it was only a mild case of anxiety. We attempted training to desensitize her to these situations but it didn’t seem to work. Unfortunately, as Sophie got older, her anxieties expanded beyond noises and increased in severity, which meant it […]

How to Treat Ear Mites in Your Dog

By Emily Pierce

Maggie has gone through a few phases where she’s either enjoyed snuggling or needed some space. During one of her most recent snuggling phases, we were curled up on the couch together to watch a movie, and I noticed something was off. When I rubbed around her ears, my fingertips came back with dark discharge. […]

How to Help Your Dog Gain Weight (Safely!)

By Jessica Mabie

Although most pet parents struggle with overweight dogs, there are a few of us out there with the opposite issue. Daisy, my oldest, is one of the few that struggle with an underweight issue. She’s my picky eater and, combined with high energy, she’s sporting the starved dog look. Okay, maybe it’s not as bad […]

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