2023‘s Best Dog Nail Grinders

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Overall best pet dog nail grinding tool Dremel 7300 PT

Top Pick (2023): Dremel 7300-PT

The Dremel 7300-PT Cordless Grinding Tool is the gold star of dog nail grinders.

It’s a high-quality, no-frills design that’s emulated by the other dog nail grinders.

Unless you need other features or an ultra-quiet device, the Dremel 7300-PT is the best dog nail grinder available!

Any dog owner would argue their dog is the cutest in the whole world.

No other pup melts my heart like Maggie, but even I can admit that sometimes she needs a spa treatment.

Every once in a while, dogs need their hair washed and cut.

It’s part of life, much like other basic dog maintenance.

You might ask for the groomer to clean out your dog’s ears or trim their nails for an extra fee, but why do that when you can take care of their nails at home?

If you’re new to canine manicures, check out the best dog nail grinders in the game.

You’ll find one that fits your dog’s needs so your dog can get back to playing around or napping on the couch.

The Best Dog Nail Grinders

You can find nail clippers at almost any pet supply store, but the harsh edges and loud clipping noises are often stressful for both dogs and their owners.

Try out nail grinders instead for a worry-free experience.

Read about how each of these nail grinders can fit different needs so you find the best option for your furry best friend.

ProductUSB Charging?Max Run TimeRatingPrice
Dremel 7300-PT Cordless Grinding ToolNo3 Hours4.4$$$

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Peteast Pet Nail TrimmerYes10 Hours4.6$$

Check Price
Pieviev Nail GrinderYes2 Hours4.8$$$

Check Price
Oster Gentle Paws GrinderNoNot Stated3.6$

Check Price
Casfuy Upgraded Nail GrinderYes2 Hours4.8$$$

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Rusee Noise Free Nail GrinderYes8 Hours3.5$$

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Best Choice

Dremel 7300-PT Cordless Grinding Tool

Dremel 7300 pet trimming grinding tool for easy dog nails

You’ll ultimately have to make the final call concerning which nail grinder is best for your dog, but the Dremel 7300-PT Cordless Grinding Tool is a great place to start.

It comes with everything you’ll need and it’s super easy to get used to, all for an affordable price.

What I Liked

There are many great things about this grinding tool, but some of the best are:

  • The two-speed rotary tool
  • The 60-grit sanding drum which is powerful, yet comfortable
  • The two-year warranty that covers both the tool and battery
What I Didn’t Like

Here are a few other things you should know about this tool:

  • It may be a little noisy on the highest speed
  • The 120 voltage has burnt the wiring of the tool in some UK electrical plugs
  • Overgrown paw hair may get stuck in the rotary tool if not clipped first

The Dremel 7300-PT is well reviewed for a good reason. It’s sturdy and reliable, plus it’s covered by an extensive warranty.

It’s worth trying out on dogs of any age and size, even if you’ve never used a nail grinder before.

Budget Choice

Peteast Pet Nail TrimmerPeteast pet nail grinding tool with LED light for dogs

It isn’t always possible to get premium dog products and I totally get that, but I have good news.

Pet parents on a budget don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for price when there’s the Peteast Pet Nail Trimmer on the market for a third of the price of most other products.

What I Liked

Some of the best features about this nail grinder are:

  • The 2-speed functionality
  • The three differently sized grinding ports and two heads
  • The built-in LED light for more precise nail care
What I Didn’t Like

Before you buy one of these grinders for yourself, make sure you know:

  • Some dogs may need a tougher grinding grit
  • It makes minor buzzing sounds, so it’s not silent
  • Only comes with a USB charger

As long as you don’t mind the USB charger, you’ll love how efficiently the Peteast Pet Nail Trimmer will take care of your dog’s nails.

Take advantage of the differently sized grinding ports so you can use it on multiple dogs of any size in one sitting.

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Upgrade Choice

Pieviev Nail Grinder3 in 1 pet nail trimming set with grinder and clippers

If you’re willing to pay a bit more up front, you’ll be impressed with the Pieviev Nail Grinder.

It has the ability to perform three functions and two speeds, plus it comes with a cute carrying case.

It’ll fit easily in a drawer or cabinet, without bunching up in a bag that blocks your view.

What I Liked

People pay more for this nail grinder because:

  • It comes with three heads for grinding, trimming body hair and trimming paw hair
  • It has a very quiet 60 decibel motor
  • It holds up to two hours of battery life
What I Didn’t Like

You might not enjoy this product because:

  • Short-haired dogs won’t need hair trimmed often
  • It doesn’t come with an additional grinding head
  • It only has a USB charger cord

When you have room in your budget, splurge with an extra few bucks and get Pieviev Nail Grinder for your dog.

You’ll see why it’s worth your money as soon as start trimming hair and shaving down your dog’s nails.

Best for Older Dogs

Oster Gentle Paws GrinderOster gentle paws dog nail grinder for easy trimming

It’s easy to accidentally spook older dogs, especially if they can’t hear the nail grinder turn on.

They need something gentle on their joints as well, which is when the Oster Gentle Paws Grinder will come in handy.

What I Liked

The Oster is a great choice for older dogs because:

  • The rotary is extra quiet
  • It includes a coarse and fine stone band for sensitive paws
  • It has an adjustable safety guard so you never grind nails too far
What I Didn’t Like

Be aware that this nail grinder is also known for:

  • Taking longer on larger nails
  • Requiring four AA batteries
  • Slowing the sanding drum down when pressed too hard against nails

The quiet rotary and adjustable stone bands make the Oster Gentle Paws Grinder a winner with older dogs. Get it and play around with the safety guard and volume before introducing it to your furry best friend.

Best for Younger Dogs and Puppies

Casfuy Upgraded Nail GrinderCasfuy USB charged pet nail grinder grind down dog claws

I know the struggle of trying to get your puppy to sit still for any length of time.

They love to squirm and play, so you’ll need an extra safe nail grinder to protect their paws.

Try the Casfuy Upgraded Nail Grinder, which is made with small dogs in mind.

What I Liked

I’d pick this nail grinder for puppies because:

  • It’s low on vibration and noise, so it shouldn’t scare your pup
  • It’s cordless, so it’s easy to maneuver around a squirming puppy
  • It has an ergonomic design that works in both hands, so you can hold your puppy with either
What I Didn’t Like

You should know that while you use this nail grinder, you may encounter:

  • It may take a while to charge completely
  • The rotary motor will slow down under intense pressure
  • Only comes with a USB charger

Given that most nail grinders will slow down if you put pressure on them, the Casfuy Upgraded Nail Grinder should still meet all your puppy’s needs.

It’s safe, has two speeds to choose from and won’t let your puppy’s nail slip through because it has a rotary guard.

Best for Scared or Timid Dogs

Rusee Noise Free Nail GrinderRusee noise free dog nail grinding low sound level stressless

Dogs don’t fully understand why humans do what we do, so nail grinders can seem scary.

It’s totally normal if your dog hasn’t warmed up to traditional grinders.

Check out the Rusee Noise Free Nail Grinder to see if it helps your dog breathe easier while they get their at-home spa treatment.

What I Liked

This nail grinder is great because it comes with:

  • Thick diamond grindstone, for easier grinding
  • Two replaceable grinding wheels
  • Unique technology to keep the noise under 50 decibels
What I Didn’t Like

You may not enjoy this nail grinder if:

  • You own a large-breed dog with large nails
  • You need to grind your dog’s nails quickly
  • You can’t clip overgrown nails first

Buffing and grinding are easy to do with the Rusee Noise Free Nail Grinder. It’s quiet and gently works away at your dog’s nail so they don’t experience intense vibrations.

Try it out with your dog and you’ll see how easy nail grinding can be.

What is a Dog Nail Grinder?

Some dog owners may not have heard of a dog nail grinder before.What is a Dremel pet dog nail grinder how do you use

Until Maggie came into my life, I hadn’t either.

Nail clippers are standard and cut nails off at harsh angles, which freaks some dogs out.

They may be uncomfortable for owners to use too, if you’re not practiced at avoiding a dog’s quick[1].

A nail grinder is a hand-held tool that has a rotating head on one end that feels like sandpaper.

You press your dog’s nails to the rotary head one at a time to gently grind them down.

This helps shorten and buff their nails at the same time, which you don’t get with a traditional clipper.

What to Look for in a Dog Nail Grinder

Now that you know some of the many dog nail grinder options that exist, you might feel confused.

There are so many features to consider, so which is the most important?

The truth is that it depends on your dog.

Here are a few things to look for in a dog nail grinder and why they might matter most to you or your furry best friend.

Level of NoiseWhat to look for in dog nail grinder noise level dB keep pet calm

Dogs don’t understand nail trimming at first.

They’ll panic if they’re held down and put near a loud metal object, which is understandable.

Some dogs get used to the noise of a grinder and others don’t.

You’ll want to start off with something quiet if your dog normally bolts at loud noises or switch to a quiet model if they haven’t adjusted to a louder nail grinder after a few tries.

Is It Rechargable?

Most nail grinders are rechargeable, but some require batteries.Wireless cordless dog nail grinder with rechargeable lithium battery

What’s the big difference?

You might value rechargeable nail grinders because you save money when you don’t replace batteries frequently[2].

On the other hand, a high quality nail grinder that requires batteries won’t drain them immediately.

The best way to know if it’s worth investing money into batteries is to read reviews or try the nail grinder out and time how long the batteries last depending on your usage.

Overall Weight

Some nail grinders are heavier than others.

It depends on the brand and model, but the wrong weight could wear you out. It may take you an extra fifteen to thirty minutes to grind your dog’s nails because they wiggle away or you don’t want to press too hard.

Holding that heavy weight in your hand will quickly become a nuisance.

If it takes longer than ten to fifteen minutes to trim your dog’s nails with a clipper, you’ll want a lighter nail grinder.

Ease of UseIs a pet nail grinder good for taking care of small large old dog claws

A cord will determine how easy a nail grinder is to use, especially if you move around a lot to keep your dog still during spa treatments.

Cordless models make it easy to switch from hand to hand instantly.

You’ll also want a nail grinder that has easily attachable rotary heads.

If you need a toolkit to eventually replace the worn down rotary attachment, there’s a better model out there for you.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to do this every two to three weeks to maintain healthy canine nails[3].

Total Comfort

It’s easy to forget, but not all nail grinders are made for both hands.

Some are restrictive to the left or right hand, so look for how you should hold it before you buy one.


These nail grinders are all great options, depending on what your dog needs.

Still, I’d have to say the Dremel 7300-PT Cordless Grinding Tool is the perfect way to start out into the world of dog nail grinding. You’ll have everything you need after one purchase and it’s easy to learn.

Think about how your dog reacts to nail trimming, their age and their size to help narrow down which nail grinder is right for you.


Are Nail Grinders Good for Dogs?

Nail grinders are safe for every dog, but they’re especially good for dogs with dark nails.

Dark nails make it harder to see the quick, which is painful for your dog if you accidentally cut it with a nail clipper.

How Often Should You Grind Your Dog’s Nails?

You can cut or grind your dog’s nails as frequently as every two to three weeks or up to every two months.

If you can hear your dog’s nails clicking on your hardwood floor, it’s time for a trim.

Long nails put extra pressure on your dog’s paws as they walk and can be very painful.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut Your Dog’s Nails?

If you don’t cut your dog’s nails, they’ll continue growing until they reach under and up into the paw pads.

They may also crack down to the quick and expose the sensitive nerve endings.

Overgrown nails quickly lead to pain and infection, so it’s important to trim them frequently.


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