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How (and When) to Wash Dog Beds

“Oh, my God! What is that SMELL!?! Did something crawl in here and die? No, I’m telling you, honey, there’s DEFINITELY something dead in here. Look, I’m not kidding. I’m about to just call a realtor and leave.” If you forget to wash your dog’s bed regularly, don’t worry. You’ll get a reminder soon enough. […]

Best Indestructible Dog Beds of 2018

Ever have one of those days where you wish you could hit ‘rewind’? Or just crawl into a little hole and not come out for an hour – or a year? Yeah, I had me one of those recently. My husband walked in on me coming absolutely, positively unglued – something that in all of […]

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds 2018

Which Bed is Right for Your Pup? It’s 6:37am and your cold-nosed alarm clock hasn’t woken you up for his morning outing. You look over to his corner and see him stiffly getting out of his bed and your heart breaks. You wonder if maybe it’s just age – he may not be a spring […]

Your Dog Wants A Better Bed: Here’s How to Choose One

How to Choose a Dog Bed You’ve likely spent tons of money and time choosing the right items for your canine buddy – from leashes to collars and of course toys, nothing has been spared. Choosing the right dog bed can be daunting though, and we’ll hopefully dispel some of the myths and disinformation out […]

K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate Pad Review

The K-9 Ballistics TUFF Bed for Dog Crates Give your dog a comfortable place to crash wherever you may be with the K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate Pad. Whether on vacation, at a friend’s house, or at home, it is good to have a bed where your dog can rest and sleep. The K9 Ballistics TUFF […]