Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

Taste of The Wild Grain Free Dog Food Review

Our German Shepherd, Amber, began having some problems a while back. Problems all over the house and yard. Problems I had to clean up with bleach and lots of it. And it didn’t stop there. Amber turned into the itchiest dog I’ve ever seen. Fur flying everywhere (yes, even more than usual). Grinding my dog’s […]

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How to Wash Your Dog

Can You Bathe a Dog with Dish Soap? How to Wash Your Dog

Dogs get stinky. Some of them are better at it than others. My dog clearly enjoys the scent of dead armadillo. He loves it so much that he will roll around on top of one and bring that scent inside our house for all of us to “enjoy” with him. Isn’t he sweet? Well, when […]

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How To Stop A Dog’s Nails From Bleeding

How to Stop a Dog's Nail from Bleeding

The first time I ever cut into the quick while trimming my dog’s nails, I’m pretty sure it took 5 years off of my life. It started out simple enough. My German Shepherd, Amber, has always been exceptionally well behaved while having her nails trimmed, staying calm and very still while cutting so we’d never […]

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