How to Get Rid of Fleas on Puppies

How to get rid of fleas on your puppy

Getting Rid of Fleas on Puppies

It is said that dogs are man’s best friend and you will not find anyone else who believes in this saying more than me.

All my life I have moved from one part of the country to another as my father’s job required him not to stay in a place for more than two years. During my early teenage days, the continuous moving made it very difficult for me to be friends with my class fellows or with neighborhood children. I hated the fact of being close to someone and then going away from them one day.

Once, my aunt visited us on my birthday when we used to live in New Jersey. That day, she brought the best gift I had (and still have) ever received in my life. In a small basket was my 3-weeks old Robin. The moment I saw him I came with this name for him. Yes, you might call it my association with my favorite comic character Batman. I always imagined myself as Batman, and now I had a real life partner to depend on and carry out all my mischiefs with.

The Flea Infestation

It was when Robin was six-weeks old that I started noticing that something was horribly wrong with him. Oh my God! He had fleas. What to do now? Everybody in the house (including myself) only had me to blame. So, they made sure that they don’t lose any opportunity of telling me how irresponsible and careless I am. In a short span of three weeks, I had come so close to Robin that seeing him in trouble brought tears to my eyes.

The Treatment

My father took him to the nearest vet. I with my red swollen eyes accompanied them. The vet and his assistant seemed quite amused on seeing how utterly confused and bewildered I was. My father was very much joining them in making me more uncomfortable. They had this calm attitude because (of course) my puppy was not in a fatal condition. Thanks to my over protectiveness for him, we had brought him at the very right time for a treatment.

As Robin was very young, he could not be treated with regular dog flea shampoo because of the chemicals in them. What they used to treat Robin was very surprising for me. All they had was a comb and Dawn dishwashing detergent. They bathed my puppy in warm water using the Dawn dish soap. The detergent acts as a killer for all the fleas. After bathing him, they combed his hair slowly picking on all the fleas that came with the comb. When the comb wasn’t able to pick any more fleas, the vet’s assistant started picking them with the help of his hands. In an hour or so my Robin was free from all the fleas and dried with the help of a towel.

No More Fleas!

Pets are not just your friends but your responsibility as well. An overlooked case of fleas can also result in the death of an animal. No longer my adorable pup was rolling over or scratching himself to escape the irritation caused by fleas. I could see his happy and playful side back again just because he was given the best treatment at the right time.

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