How to Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard

How to get rid of fleas in your yard

Flea Treatments for Your Yard

Oftentimes fleas create a lot of trouble for the people, and people use all means possible to get rid of fleas from their yard but rarely are those means fruitful.

In case you and your pets are having a fleas-in-the-yard trouble, this is just the right place to be. A number of methods are given below to help you solve your flea trouble.

But the choice of that one method that suits you the best depends on your discretion, for instance a large or open yard has to be treated on the whole.

But there is certainly no need to treat the parts inaccessible to your pets.

  1. Irrigate your yard with surplus water

This serves as a death for flea larvae and eggs as a flooded yard kills them. So what are you waiting for take a hose and start flooding your lawn frequently.

Not only will that kill the fleas, but the excess water will also remove the feces of adult fleas which serve as the food for larvae thereby decreasing the likelihood of their living.

This flooding occurs naturally during rainy seasons and you need to apply this method of flooding only when its hot and arid, along with taking care of the disposal of debris, and trimming the grass off and on, this combined effort eliminates the chances of fleas growing.

Flood the regions that are more prone to breed fleas e.g. the doghouse, trees, furniture, and fences.

  1. Use insecticides in the yard

This is one of the most common methods adopted by most people for riding their yard of fleas. If you intend to go with this method make sure you buy a pesticide spray that is friendly for the environment.

The flea spray comes with a long list of instructions, you must stick to them when you spray the insecticide like for instance, do not spray it in the spots in proximity to lakes or other places of water that have a threat to get contaminated.

For your own safety use a dust mask and wear some protective clothes while you spray. Prior to spraying the insecticide remove from your yard all daily use articles like toys, that you or your children or pet usually touch, in the meanwhile make your pets and children stay inside.

Protection must be your first priority. Do not spray the whole lawn spray more in the spots written above where the fleas breed more. This should be done after every two to three weeks.

  1. Go for the nematode solution

If you wish to rely on mother nature too much go for this option, nematodes are microorganisms that live by ingesting flea larvae and other pests usually found in the yard.

Nematodes are innocuous to humans, plants and pets. Nematodes must be sprayed into regions of your lawn with fleas under shade as nematodes die in too much heat.

  1. Use the cedar chips solution

One more natural flea treatment is to disseminate cedar chips in the entire lawn or yard. The fleas detest the smell of cedar and won’t come near your lawn. For stopping the entry of new fleas cover outer fences with cedar chips.

  1. Consult with pest control experts.

This is one of the most convenient and fast ways to get rid of fleas, and the best part is you don’t have to do anything about it, all you have to do is call a professional pest control expert, and he’ll take care of your flea trouble.

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