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Where to Buy Flea Medication Online

By Jessica Mabie

This past weekend my husband and I were out walking the pups when we saw a kitten sitting behind a nursing home. I walked down to see if it had tags so that I could get it back home, but there were no tags. Long story short, the kitten was born near the nursing home […]

9 Essential Oils that Kill and Repel Fleas

By Jennifer Marshall

Anyone that has fur babies has more than likely had to figure out how to deal with the nightmare that is fleas at one point or another. Sometimes it can feel impossible to find a good way to not only keep fleas off of your dog but also repel and kill fleas inside your home […]

2020’s 8 Best Flea Sprays for Dogs

By Emily Pierce

When my friend’s dog got fleas recently, it broke my heart. He’s a laid-back and quiet dog, but the constant itching made him pace and whine. She hadn’t experienced having a dog with fleas before, even though he was a few years old.  My friend wanted to give him some immediate relief, so we began […]

2020’s 10 Best Flea and Tick Collars for Dogs

By Emily Pierce

Recently, I’ve had the joy to watch one of my best friends adopt her own puppy and bring him home. She’d never owned her own dog before, so it was great to watch her experience all of his first milestones. Some were more enjoyable than others, but there are always a few firsts that dog […]

13 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

By Jessica Mabie

Last week I was having lunch with a couple of friends, Mandi and Lisa. Of course, the topic of dogs came up, specifically regarding an article I wrote about flea treatments. Mandi and Lisa both prefer using natural home remedies whenever possible, so they were asking about natural flea treatments. Unfortunately, Lisa had her dog […]

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