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Are Cow Ears Safe for Dogs?

By Emily Pierce

When I was growing up, my dad would buy a grisly bone at the grocery store to treat our pups when we got back home. I figured that meant all dogs would love all bones, but I learned the truth the hard way. Maggie will gnaw on a fresh bone for hours, but when the […]

Are Water Buffalo Horns Safe for Dogs?

By Emily Pierce

If you’ve ever lived with a dog who likes to chew, you can relate to always looking for the next big thing they’ll love to gnaw on. Maggie has grown to be a chewer, and while she’s stopped ripping open pillows, she gets a little antsy when she’s bored. She’s not a huge fan of […]

Are Pig Ears Bad for Dogs?

By Mark

“What’s a Pig Ear?” It was a warm Sunday afternoon – one of the last good days before the seasons change – and we hadn’t gotten more than three feet into the store when the voice rang out. “No shoplifting.” It’s the typical, good-natured welcome I receive from the store manager whenever I take my […]

Are Bully Sticks Safe for Dogs?

By Jennifer Marshall

Pet parents love giving their fur babies treats for a whole host of different reasons. My primary reason is I have a dog (don’t worry, buddy; I won’t name names) that likes to chew on anything and everything I don’t want him to chew on. We seek out alternative options for our dogs who like […]

Are Himalayan Dog Treats Good for Dogs?

By Jennifer Marshall

We go through a lot of dog treats here. I use treats for training purposes to spoil my pets just because I can. I also use them to help deter our dogs from chewing on furniture and shoes and, yes, even eating grass, as well as to help remove tarter from my dogs’ teeth. My […]

Are Antlers Bad for Dogs? (And How to Make Your Own)

By Mark

I sip my coffee as I look at the growing pile on the table, and smile. I know what he’s doing, he knows what he is doing – and of course he knows that I know what he’s doing. But hey, we do the little dance anyway cuz it’s how we roll. “Whatcha doing?” I […]

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