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How to Get a Dog to Use a Dog House

By Emily Pierce

I grew up with indoor dogs, so we never had a dog house in our yard. I did occasionally see them used at my friend’s houses, but I didn’t think anything of them. Now they’ve become a trend, so even indoor dogs get their own little houses. I definitely think they can be way more […]

Why Does My Dog Keep Pooping in His Crate?

By Jessica Mabie

There are various reasons a dog might poop in their crate, such as the dog not being housetrained, they’ve been in the crate too long, or the crate may be too large. Whatever the reason, we all know the horrible job of crawling into a crate and cleaning that mess out. One reason your dog […]

Is It Cruel to Crate a Dog?

By Emily Pierce

When I was a kid, we almost never had a time where there wasn’t a dog in our home. We were a big dog family, but we were also always going to school, work, and sports practices. That meant that our dogs spent time in their crates more often than not. They never seemed to […]

How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop

By Emily Pierce

I love my dogs like they’re my children, but I’m not oblivious to the fact that sometimes they do things that I don’t like. Like when I came home from running errands one day to find Amber eating everything inside our tipped over garbage can, for example. The majority of the time, dogs don’t mean […]

Dog Whistles: How and Why to Use Them

By Jennifer Marshall

When a neighbor (and good friend) of mine got her first puppy years ago, I was able to to help her out with tips on both leash training as well as crate training which my friend and her new pooch, aptly named Bob Barker, were able to master in no time. The feeling of pride […]

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