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Essential Oils to Stop Dog Peeing and Marking

By Emily Pierce

Potty training a young dog can feel like it lasts forever. Some dogs take to it quickly, but most will need time to learn that they can’t go to the bathroom in your home. As they grow, they’ll get much better about respecting the potty training rules, but sometimes dogs can’t help themselves. They’re naturally […]

Why Does My Dog Pee on Her Bed (And How to Stop It!)

By Emily Pierce

When Maggie was younger, she was still potty training and getting used to my house at the same time. I thought making her a little bed would make her more comfortable, so I used the fleece blanket she came home with to create a haven surrounded by her stuffed animals. I pictured her napping in […]

How to Calm Down an Excited Puppy

By Jessica Mabie

I love puppies! I love their little puppy tummies, their soft little paws, even their puppy breath. I could watch puppies play and tumble for hours and never get bored. I think that puppies are one of life’s greatest joys, but also one of life’s greatest challenges! When Daisy was a puppy, she was tiny […]

How to Stop Dogs from Pooping in the House

By Jessica Mabie

As my dogs have gotten older, their minds and bodies have changed with the aging process. Sophie and Daisy both have issues with their eyesight and hearing. Also, Daisy suffers from cognitive dysfunction (it’s like Alzheimer’s), which has impacted her housetraining, resulting in her having accidents. When Daisy first started pooping in the house, I […]

How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing in the House

By Emily Pierce

Sometimes accidents happen, and dog owners especially know this to be true. Even the best dog can make a mess in the house, which is why it can get frustrating when those messes happen again and again. Your dog may even be potty trained and still pee in the house occasionally. Maggie used to struggle […]

How Long Can a Dog Stay in a Crate

By Jessica Mabie

Crate training is essential for both puppies and adult dogs when they first move into their new home. A crate will provide a place for them to feel secure and keep them safe and out of trouble. Eventually, when a dog becomes trustworthy, they can be given more freedom. When Daisy was a puppy, I […]

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