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How to Leash Train Your Dog: Learn How to Stop Leash Pulling

By Mark

Leash Training a Dog  One of the most common emails I get is, “How do I leash train my dog?” This is by far the most difficult to answer – because every person who asks me that exact same question really means something completely different; “How do I make my dog stop pulling me while […]

How to Puppy Proof Your House

By Jessica Mabie

Last night I was at a Mom’s Night Out event and was chatting with a friend, Julie, about her new puppy. She had adopted a little poodle mix in September and was telling me all about her puppy’s daily antics and challenges. Julie said one of the biggest challenges in puppy training was when the […]

How to Leash Train a Dog to Walk Off-Leash 

By Jessica Mabie

A few months ago, I was getting my haircut, and my stylist, Gina, brought up one of my favorite subjects; of course, it was dogs. She was struggling with obedience issues and had a few questions. Gina has two two-year-old Goldendoodles that have not undergone any formal training, so they were a bit overwhelming to […]

Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Biting His Leash!

By Emily Pierce

It’s always amazed me how puppies have the same cute qualities but vastly different personalities. When Maggie was a puppy, she liked to snuggle and gnaw on her bones. She rarely chewed anything that wasn’t a dog toy. The puppies my family had in the past are a different story. They chewed up everything you […]

How to Use a Dog Crate Divider (and Make Your Own!)

By Emily Pierce

Before I brought Maggie home, I spent time researching the crate she would need. There are so many different kinds of crates out there that come in all kinds of sizes. I didn’t want her to use the crate in the wrong way. It was supposed to be a place where she felt safe, where […]

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