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How to Crate Train a Puppy

Crate Training Puppies Bear – his registered name was Ursus Americanus – was the second dog I ever owned. An obsidian black Chow Chow without a speck of any other color anywhere. From his black fur to his black nails and every square inch of him. My little licorice jellybean was a fluffy bundle of […]

What Type of Dog Should I Get?

Puppy Love: Finding the Perfect Canine Companion Of all the animals in the world, there’s no greater variety than found within Canis Lupus Familiaris – better known as the common dog. Big and small, tall and short, fat and thin, hairy or naked, and pretty much any color combination you can come up with, these […]

How to Leash Train Your Dog: Learn How to Stop Leash Pulling

Leash Training a Dog  One of the most common emails I get is, “How do I leash train my dog?” This is by far the most difficult to answer – because every person who asks me that exact same question really means something completely different; “How do I make my dog stop pulling me while […]