Brain Training for Dogs Review

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Brain Training for Dogs




Course Value


Time Efficiency





  • Includes bonding with your dog
  • Access to a forum used by the instructor
  • Fairly inexpensive training program


  • No in-person help
  • Can be difficult to evaluate your dog's level and get started

Dog owners all proudly say that their dog is the best, but we’ve all struggled with times where behavioral issues presented a challenge.

Dogs don’t always learn things as easily as we’d like, especially if they’re a puppy or a senior dog transitioning to a new home[1].

You can always look up dog training courses in your area, but not everyone has the time or the budget to do that.

I know I’ve been to a few training sessions at popular pet stores only to leave feeling like I overpaid for training I could have done on my own.

If you’re in the same boat, you should check out Brain Training for Dogs.

It’s a simple at-home training solution for dogs that need a helping hand, all while you teach them with the guidance of a trained instructor.

What is Dog Brain Training?

When you go to school, you sit in class to challenge yourself. You already have the potential to learn. All you need is the right instruction.

Dog brain training is exactly the same.

Dogs have the ability to learn, even if they haven’t in the past.

Dog brain training is a one-on-one instruction period when you engage your dog’s intelligence and help them grow.

It’s a time for them to correct behavioral issues and learn better habits or tricks[2], all while bonding with you at home.

What the Training Includes

When you purchase the Brain Training for Dogs, you’ll get instant access to the exclusive members-only library of instructional videos.

These techniques rely on cutting-edge methodologies that troubleshoot stubborn behaviors such as whining and replace them with positive results.

You can access the video archives at any time, so you can train your dog when it’s most convenient for you.

If you ever have any issues or questions, you can post on a private forum to get advice from other members or ask a direct question to the founder, Adrienne Farricelli.

Here’s an example:

How Is Brain Training for Dogs Different?

This program is different from traditional training in a couple of unique ways.

First, it puts all the power in the hands of the owner.

Your dog learns and bonds with you through each video, instead of learning to obey a trainer and forget the new commands once they’re at home.

Brain Training for Dogs was also developed by an expert who knows what she’s talking about.

Traditional pet store training classes may pair your dog with an employee who’s just there for a paycheck. They might not actually have the experience needed for professional training.

You also get the advantage of joining a community.

You may feel awkward in a small training session out in town and never interact with the other dog owners in the class outside of training hours.

With Brain Training for Dogs, you can connect through forums to bond and ask questions with other people you become friends with.

Who is Adrienne Faricelli?

Adrienne is the creator and founder of Brain Training for Dogs.

She’s CPDT-KA certified and has over 10 years of experience in bringing out the hidden intelligence in dogs of all ages.

Her Credentials

Adrienne achieved the top certification for canine trainers, also known as the Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) certificate.

Since completing her certification training, Adrienne has been featured in many publications, such as Every Dog magazine and USA Today.

In addition to behavioral training, Adrienne has also trained service dogs for military veterans and runs a board and training company that never uses cages.

Her Philosophy

Teach your dog to stack rings with the Brain Training for Dogs program

Based on her many years of training experience, Adrienne’s philosophy is that every dog has hidden intelligence that can unwind any bad habits or behaviors.

To engage this part of your dog’s mind, her training course connects with them through mental stimulation and modern training techniques.

Mental stimulation is key to keeping your dog’s mind sharp[3].

Once your dog learns the correct tricks and behaviors through the archived videos, they’ll retain their active mindset and learn other life skills easily too.

Training Topics

Together, you and your dog can learn a great deal from the Brain Training for Dogs courses.

Brain training for dogs review can you really teach your dog to play piano

You’ll learn how to speak to your dog so they don’t ignore your commands anymore.

Your pup can practice good behaviors that eliminate chewing, whining, potty accidents and even excessive barking.

The huge archive covers all of these topics and more, so you can easily search and find videos identifying and correcting any behavior your dog currently exhibits.

Another thing to note is that there are seven different modules, so your dog can continue learning even after they advance past the first courses you try.


The best features of this training program are what set it apart from other kinds of generalized training at pet stores.

You’ll get immediate access to features such as:

  • An extensive video archive you can play at any time
  • Force-free training methods, so all learning is gentle
  • Private forums with other dog owners figuring out and excelling at the courses
  • Personal support from Adrienne Faricelli
  • A training formula that’s taking the dog world by storm
  • An easy training process you can master even if you have no prior dog training experience

What I Liked

The best parts about this course that I enjoyed were:

  • The forum posts, which answered the majority of questions I had
  • Playing the training videos any time I needed them, even on repeat
  • The cost of the program compared to other programs in my city

What I Didn’t Like

You should also know that I struggled with:

  • Not having an in-person trainer to answer questions immediately
  • Figuring out where to start from the variety of training options
  • Deciding which module fit my dog’s current abilities

Does It Work?

Does Brain Training for Dogs really work to stop dog behavior problemsYou’ll be happy to know that along with the many other happy customers that have tried out this course, I found success with it too.

Maggie had a habit of barking whenever she heard people outside, which happened a lot because we live in an apartment complex.

After a few days of repeated training, she went from barking and charging at the front door to glancing in its direction when people walked past.

It’s brought me peace of mind to know our neighbors won’t be bothered by her barking and I’m excited to teach her the many other behaviors in future courses.


Use a clicker with Brain Training for Dogs program to teach old dogs new tricks
You’ll also need a clicker like this one

I would absolutely recommend Brain Training for Dogs to anyone who wants to train their dog from home.

The science behind the training is sound and continues to help many dog families every day.

It’s an affordable investment in your dog’s future that’s worth every penny, without overcharging you for the unique features.


If you’re unsure about what you should do for your dog, here are a few common alternatives for dog training courses.

Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Program

Doggy Dan offers another online training course that is slightly different.

You’ll get an e-book and an audiobook along with training videos for your dog. It also charges a monthly subscription fee, so you can enjoy the courses at your own pace and scheduling.

We actually gave the Doggy Dan program a shot a while ago (read our Doggy Dan review) and really liked it.

With a 60-day money back policy, it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for another online training option.

In-Store Training

If you have a big-brand pet store in town, they most likely offer training for a higher cost.

You’ll need to pay per course in most places and spend a half hour to an hour of your day in class with your dog.

At-Home Clicker Training

Many dogs do well with clicker training, which is when you use a click whenever your dog does something correctly.

The sound reinforces that the behavior gets them a treat and should eventually make them stop their habit in real time whenever you have the clicker on hand.

Electric Collar Training

Some owners use an electric collar that vibrates on your dog’s neck whenever they do something wrong. It’s an immediate response to bad behavior that works well with some dogs.

Keep in mind that the collar requires metal prongs against your dog’s neck at all times and can scare timid dogs rather than teach them.



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