Types of Dog Houses: Which One is Right for Your Pup?

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Every pet parent’s dream is to buy the perfect abode for their fur baby.

However, the never-ending types of dog houses in the market can make anyone’s head spin. 

When selecting the right house for your pup, there are several considerations to make;

Will the dog stay in the house or outdoors?

What kind of materials and features to look for in a perfect dog house?

What kennel size will be comfortable for my dog?

What to do if I have multiple pups? 

All these questions are valid.

Therefore, I have made an extensive dog house guide for all the dizzy-headed dog parents, which will help in selecting the right house for your pup. 

There is a lot to unpack, so let’s get started.

Types of Dog Houses Based on Different Materials 

Dog houses are available in varying materials. Each of these materials has its pros and cons.

This makes them better suited for certain pups and not so much for others. 

Wooden Dog Houses 

The most traditional material choice for mist dog houses is wood. Wooden dog houses blend well in with your property and are sturdy.

The downside is that their assembly takes quite a bit of effort as compared to plastic ones. 

If you opt for a wooden house, ensure the floor is lifted off the ground and water doesn’t pool on the roof, or the wood can rot. 

Plastic Dog Houses 

If you aren’t fond of complicated assemblies then you can opt for a plastic dog house.

Plastic dog houses are also preferable if you have a flea problem[1]. They are easier to move and treat the area for pests if needed. 

However, these kinds of dog houses aren’t as pleasing to the eye.

You can always repaint them but that’s time-consuming and contradicts why you chose plastic in the first place. 

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Dog Houses Made from Manufactured Wood

Manufactured wood is an excellent alternative for wooden dog houses as they are relatively cheaper.

You can paint and stain them as per your taste. As long as you keep them clean and dry, combating moss build-up on the roof, they should last you a long time.

Fabric Dog Houses 

If you have miniature or small dogs that you like to keep indoors then fabric dog houses are it for you. 

They are easy to move and usually smaller in size, which makes it difficult to house bigger-sized dogs.

Since most fabrics do not respond well to seasonal wear and tear and this should only be used indoors. 

Types of Dog Houses Based on Different Features

There are a variety of dog houses available with different features. When buying a dog house, you can look for features suitable to your dog’s needs and other important factors like location. 

Here are eight features that you can look for when choosing the right house for your dog.

1. Dog Houses with a Heating Feature

If you live where it gets extremely cold in winter, you can opt for a dog house with a heating feature.

Despite popular belief, most dog breeds, even with all their fur, can get seriously ill due to harsh weather changes. A heated house will make sure they are comfortable all through the cold months

A cheaper alternative can be a dog house with insulation in the walls, which will also do a good job of keeping the heat trapped in the house.

2. Dog Houses with a Cooling Feature

Just like extreme winter, hot weather can also cause harm to your dog, even if the house is kept in shade[2].

A cooling feature is the only sure-shot way of keeping your dog safe in summer, especially if it spends most of its time outside.

3. Bowl Tray and Door Included 

A bowl tray is a great feature to have in any dog house. It allows your pet easy access to water and food whenever needed. 

While not many dog houses come in with fixed doors, you can always add one if you want your dog to safely stay in its house, especially at night. 

This is good practice if you want your dog to secure from bad weather and other animals at night. I recommend buying a dog house with a door installed, rather than attaching one later. 

4. Igloo Dog Houses

Training your dog to use an igloo dog house can be a little difficult because of the tunnel entrance; however, they are a great choice because of their shape (see our review of the igloo-shaped dog house design).

Rain and snow easily slide off because of the design – they stay cool in summers and warmer in winters. 

Dog House with Front Porch

5. Dog Houses with an Overhanging Roof

Like most dog parents, if you wish to buy a house that will protect your dog against bad weather, then an overhanging roof is an excellent feature for your ideal dog house.

The shape makes sure rain and snow do not accumulate on the roof easily. It also allows your dog to stand and look outside without rain blowing inside the house. 

6. Duplex Dog Houses

With more than one dog to the house, going for a duplex design is an intelligent choice.

These dog houses save you from buying two separate units but allow your dogs personal space.

7. Dog House Tent

If you stay on the road a lot or have frequent camping trips, you should consider buying a dog house tent rather than solid wooden dog houses.

They are easy to pack and unpack when needed and provide your dog with personal space when you are away from home. 

8. Removable Floor

Another crucial feature to look for in your dog house is a removable floor. This allows for easy removal and cleaning (here’s how to clean a dog house).

Dog houses tend to get dirty and smell. This feature makes it easy to slide the floor out, clean it, dry it and replace it in a short time – then, it is ready to use again. 

Dog House Type Based on Location

When choosing the ideal dog house, think of whether you want to keep your dog indoors or outdoors. 

Fabric Indoor Dog House


Indoor dog houses are made from fabric or other less sturdy materials since they are not to be used outside and stand against changing weather.

If you place these issues on the porch, make sure to protect them from extreme weather, or they will not provide the needed support to your pet.


Outdoor dog houses need to have stable construction.

Go for kennels made of wood, manufactured wood, or plastic with tight seams.

Ensure they are kept off the ground so water cannot leak in during extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and storms. 

What is Your Dog’s Size?

While different types of dog houses, based on materials, location, and features, can cater to varying requirements of your dog- the ultimate choice is based on the most crucial factor: your dog’s size. 

The basic rule of thumb is for the insides of the dog house to be as high as your dog’s height.

Thus, larger breeds will need bigger dog houses while smaller breeds won’t need as much space. 

Most manufacturers use the 2L formula for different breeds, which is measured from the nose of the dog to the tail.

Generally, the door should be as high as your dog’s shoulder from the ground and as wide as your dog’s body. 

Overall, if you think a medium-sized house might be too small for your medium-sized dog, you can always opt for a bigger size to be safe.

If it is a little too big, you can cozy it up by adding blankets. 

Depending on where you plan to keep your pup, its breed, and the kind of material you want to use, there are several options you can choose.

Remember that each dog is different, and no one can make a better housing choice for your pup than you. 

So, use this information and have fun buying the dream for your fur baby. 


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