Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Urinary SO Dog Food Review

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I thought I was a pretty prepared dog mom until Amber got her recent UTI.

At first, she just needed to go to the bathroom more often, which wasn’t a big deal. She likes to play and then drink water. No big deal.

Then I heard her yelping when she peed, and I nearly teleported to the vet’s office. I couldn’t get there fast enough.

He informed me that she had a UTI, but that it was easily curable. With medication, she’d be back to her normal self in a few days.

After that trip, I learned that what dogs eat has a lot to do with their urinary tract health, so I switched her to Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Urinary SO dog food.

Here’s what I experienced and why I recommend it.

IngredientsRoyal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO for UTIs

The first sign of a bad dog food is if the bag lists a filler as their first ingredient. The ingredient that’s listed first is what makes up most of the food’s volume.

Royal Canin’s SO bag has brewer’s rice, corn and chicken as their main ingredients.

I’d never heard of brewer’s rice before and immediately pictured rice cooking in a beer factory.

Obviously, this is not the case. Brewer’s rice is a rice variation that’s easily digestible. It contains a whole lot of fiber, so your dog is getting the nutrients they need.

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Corn and chicken are other popular ingredients in dog food, so those are super safe too.

This is a nutrient-focused bag of dog food, so if your dog got a UTI from not getting the right nutrition to build their immune health, they’ll be good to go after they start on this food.

See full ingredients


Unlike other dog food brands, Royal Canin was founded by a vet who wanted to use their scientific knowledge to create dog food that would specifically to help dogs with nutrient deficiencies.

That means that this dog food does more than make your dog full and happy. It’s made with relative super saturation methodology, so the food lowers concentration of ions that lead to urine crystallization.

This prevents UTIs and kidney stones from developing.

What I LikedWhat is good food to fight canine urinary tract infection

This dog food wastes no time, which was exactly what Amber needed.

After feeding her this brand for a couple meals, she was able to pee comfortably and on her regular schedule.

My heart was so relieved! I nearly threw a party.

Consumers also have the option to buy large bags, and I always buy the biggest dog food bags I can get. My pups are big, so I was worried that a specialized food would come in only tiny bags.

Another bonus is that this food can be fed to dogs of all ages. Most foods are labeled for being either for puppies or older dogs, but vets advise dog parents to feed this food to any dog who has urinary issues.

What I Didn’t Like

Thankfully, Amber doesn’t have any issues with food that contains grains, but those allergies can develop over time.

In the future, I’ll be worried about finding another effective UTI-fighting dog food that is grain free, since this brand isn’t.

It’s also known to fluctuate in price, even if you have auto ship. Just something to keep in mind if you plan to have your dog on this food long term.


Small dog healthy dry dog food kibbles to help your dog pee freely
They also have a version for small dogs…

I was desperate to get Amber some help, so finding a food that helped her this quickly was a relief.

It also gave me more peace of mind, since I know it’ll make future UTIs few and far between.

The most important thing to remember is that UTIs are caused by bacteria attaching itself to the urinary tract.

The only real cure for a UTI is for your vet to test your pup’s urine and find an antibiotic that’s known for fighting the particular bacteria your dog has.

Along with prescribed medication, Royal Canin’s food will help your dog get back to feeling like their usual self.

It’s not ideal to feed this expensive food to your dog every day in the future, but you can also mix it with previous food your dog has loved to make each bag last a little longer.


Overall Rating—8/10

large bag of bulk dog food to save money Amazon automatic delivery
…and a moderate calorie version, too

This food is a life saver. Amber loved it, and I could rest easy knowing she was being taken care of. Overall, this is a great food to get for post-UTI care, so let me break down what you can expect.


Royal Canin knows what they’re doing. The science behind this food is crazy to wrap your mind around, but it works fast to make your dog comfortable and happy.


There are about a million places to get a bag of this food, so you’ll be able to find something for your budget. It’s majorly frustrating though that even auto ship won’t lock in the price you prefer.


I’d do anything to help my pups, so watching Amber’s bathroom habits transform overnight is worth every penny. I would definitely buy this food again if she ever gets another UTI, but until then, I’ll stick with a more budget friendly option.

AlternativesBlue Buffalo natural veterinary diet weight management and urinary health care dog food

Blue Buffalo has a Veterinary Diet that’s competitive with Royal Canin’s, especially since their food that focuses on urinary health is also grain-free.

Owners should note that it also has a higher amount of fiber than Royal Canin’s, which may upset dogs with sensitive stomachs.

You may also want to look into treating your dog with home remedies after they’ve been seen by the vet.

Wash your dog with warm water every few days, washing the genital area gently to banish bacteria.

Another alternative is to crush one 500 mg Vitamin C tablet and mix it in with your dog’s food. Vitamin C boosts the immune system, which will help your dog fight off bacteria. This can be done once each day for up to a week.


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