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2020’s Best Dog Foods for Weight Loss

By Jennifer Marshall

I didn’t notice the change for a long time. It happened gradually. It wasn’t until I came across an old picture that I could really see it.  It was a photo of a younger, trimmer version of myself holding a younger, trimmer version of my pup. I then realized both my dog and I had […]

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

By Jennifer Marshall

Our German Shepherd, Amber, began having some problems a while back. Problems all over the house and yard. Problems I had to clean up with bleach and lots of it. And it didn’t stop there. Amber turned into the itchiest dog I’ve ever seen. Fur flying everywhere (yes, even more than usual). Grinding my dog’s […]

Can My Dog Eat That?

By Mark

Treats and Snacks Your Dogs Shouldn’t Be Eating Anyone who has ever been a dog owner will know the effect of those big eyes looking up at you and pleading for that little treat of leftover from your plate. Or if your dog is anything like my chomping chihuahuas then you know the second you […]

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