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Can My Dog Eat That?

By Mark

Treats and Snacks Your Dogs Shouldn’t Be Eating Anyone who has ever been a dog owner will know the effect of those big eyes looking up at you and pleading for that little treat of leftover from your plate. Or if your dog is anything like my chomping chihuahuas then you know the second you […]

Simply Nourish Dog Food Review

By Mark

There have been many times in my life when I have been jealous of my beloved dogs. After all, they get to lie around, exercise when they want, get stroked and spoiled by me, and have no concerns or worries from day to day. However, the one downside to being a dog, in my opinion, […]

Pure Balance Dog Food Review – Cheap Kibble or Quality Chow?

By Mark

With a million other things to do we’ve all gone the easy route (on occasion) when it comes to feeding our pets. A cheap large bag of kibble or other food often does the trick but how does it really affect your pet? The ingredients in pet food and dog food in particular can vary […]

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