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Fromm vs Orijen

By Emily Pierce

I think one of the most important things you can do as a dog parent is to stay up to date on what your dog needs. The food they eat every day is critical to get right, especially if you have to switch it up. Maggie’s a picky eater with a sensitive stomach, so I’m […]

Acana vs Fromm

By Emily Pierce

I grew up with dogs who would eat just about anything they could get their paws on. Whether it was scraps from the dinner table or the kibble in their bowl, they thought every bit of food was the best thing they’ve ever tasted. Maggie is a different story. She’s always eaten dry kibble and […]

Acana vs Orijen

By Emily Pierce

As someone who feels that dogs are the best part of life, I’m surrounded by other dog fanatics. We all talk about our pups, dress them up, and compare parenting stories to learn from each other. Over the years, I’ve heard plenty about different dog food brands. They all come with their own pros and […]

Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo

By Jessica Mabie

Taste of the Wild (TotW) versus Blue Buffalo. Which will prove to be the better dry dog food? In our family of canines, we have various dietary needs and picky eaters. Researching and comparing the different diets is the only way for us to figure out the most suitable fit for our family. Deciding on […]

2020’s 12 Best Dog Foods for Senior Dogs

By Jessica Mabie

Senior Diet I know everyone talks about the puppy life stage being the most challenging, with the chewing and the housetraining. But I would have to disagree: I think the senior life stage is by far the most difficult. Three of our four dogs are chronological seniors, and keeping them happy and healthy can be […]

Orijen Senior Dog Food Review

By Jessica Mabie

  I live in a very senior household, and nutrition is a significant factor in ensuring good health, which is why we tried Orijen Senior dog food. Overall, it is a high-quality dog food for older dogs that is hard to match. But, unfortunately, it was not the right food for us. Having four dogs, […]

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