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Nutro vs Taste of the Wild

By Jessica Mabie

The other day when I went to my local pet store to pick up food for the pups, I was horrified to see that they were all out of the brand I usually buy for my dogs. Because I had a crazy week. I had completely run out, and there was no way I was […]

When to Switch Your Dog from Puppy to Adult Food

By Jessica Mabie

Yesterday, I received an email from a family that I helped adopt a dog from American Brittany Rescue (the rescue group I volunteer with). Sadly, the dog that I helped place with them years ago died this past winter. They recently adopted another dog. The new pup is only eight months old and they wanted […]

Nutro vs Blue Buffalo

By Jessica Mabie

The other day I received a panicked call from a friend, Sarah, who just got her first dog. Her panic was over the abundance of choices of kibble at the pet store, which as a dog parent I totally get. Her new dog is a medium-sized mix breed. The shelter guessed the dog to be […]

Gentle Giants Dog Food Review

By Jessica Mabie

I happened on Gentle Giants dog food by accident. I was playing around on the computer and came upon a video clip from the Ellen Degeneres show. In the clip, Ellen is interviewing Burt Ward, formerly known as Robin from the Batman and Robin Show from the 60’s. What grabbed my attention was not the […]

Orijen vs Merrick

By Jessica Mabie

I’m often asked questions, by friends and family, about dogs. Recently, I was asked my thoughts on dog food, specifically on the differences between Orijen and Merrick. Because my dogs are picky, these are two brands I have purchased in the past. Though, my dogs aren’t currently eating either brand on a regular basis right […]

Merrick vs Blue Buffalo

By Emily Pierce

Before I first brought Maggie home, people were giving me lots of advice about what to feed her. Many of my dog loving friends told me about Blue Buffalo, which made me read more about the company. While many people love and trust Blue Buffalo with their dog’s health, I wanted to see what else […]

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