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Blue Buffalo vs. Science Diet

By Jessica Mabie

Last night over supper, I was talking with my dad, who has a Golden Retriever named Clyde, about different dog food options. We have been feeding our dogs Hills Prescription Diet Z/D for years. It is a hypoallergenic recipe that we started buying for Sophie. Since Clyde also has allergies, my dad has been feeding […]

Zignature Dog Food Review

By Emily Pierce

Once you’ve been a dog parent for a while, you start to notice the same products on pet store shelves. I can recognize brands from across the store, so it’s always a surprise to see something new when the shelves get restocked. It’s even more surprising to come across a new brand online. When I […]

Royal Canin vs. Blue Buffalo

By Jessica Mabie

Yesterday I picked up another bag of prescription dog food from my vet office. Sophie and Calvin have severe food allergies and require a hypoallergenic prescription diet. We are currently paying $3.63 per pound of food, which gets pretty expensive for three dogs. To make things easier, I’ve always just fed all the dogs the […]

Merrick vs. Taste of the Wild

By Emily Pierce

Every once in a while, I get curious about what food is out there for dogs. It’s always good to know what’s on the market and the truth behind the advertisements I see online and on TV. Maggie’s had her fair share of Merrick food ever since she was a puppy. I trusted it when […]

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