What is Coconut Oil in Dog Food? Is it Healthy?

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You are someone that always looks out for your dog, especially when it comes to their health, and are well aware that their diet plays a huge role. 

When you take a look at what’s inside your dog’s food, you notice a few things.

One of them could be coconut oil.

So, is coconut oil in dog food a good idea?

Coconut oil has plenty of health benefits for humans. However, what kind of positive benefits will dogs get out of it? 

We’ll answer these questions shortly. 

You might always be on the lookout for what a dog should have (and what they shouldn’t).

Feed them the wrong thing, and it might be a trip to the vet. Of course, you don’t want to do that or even worry about what dog food to choose.

To learn more about coconut oil in dog food, keep reading. Let’s get started.

Why is Coconut Oil in Dog Food?

Why is Coconut Oil in Dog Food?

Coconut oil can be found in dog food for one major reason: the health benefits[1].

Yes, there are plenty of benefits that your dog can get out of eating food that has coconut oil (whether it’s already contained or you mix it).

Your dog of all ages will enjoy the benefits.

One of the best pros is that coconut oil wards off the likelihood of fleas and ticks.

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Everyone knows that dealing with these critters that bite can cause a lot of problems for your dog.

Plus, getting rid of fleas and ticks can be a challenge.

Coconut oil will help get rid of them and may also prevent further infestation.

There are plenty of other benefits besides this.

Their coats can get shiny, and they could have healthier skin.

If your dog is dealing with dry skin issues, hot spots, dry paw pads, or similar issues, try adding coconut oil to your dog’s food.

You can expect your dog’s digestion as well as cognitive functions to get better[2].

As they get older, you don’t want to let up on giving them coconut oil. It will help improve their joints and also treat age-related conditions such as arthritis.

Your dog will be less likely to deal with mobility issues if you feed them ingredients that keep the inflammation and pain at bay.

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Natural coconut oil

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs?

The short answer: yes. As evident with the health benefits we’ve mentioned above, it is good for dogs.

If you want your dogs to live a healthier lifestyle and eat a good diet, coconut oil could help.

As a dog lover, you want them to live a long and plentiful life.

Coconut oil contains no known additives and won’t be considered harmful. After all, it’s mostly made from natural ingredients.

Is Coconut Oil Bad for Dogs?

While it’s not entirely bad for dogs, coconut oil can have potential side effects and adverse reactions.

This can occur if your dog has too much coconut oil. The good news is that these reactions and effects will mostly be mild.

The worst that can happen is that your dog can get diarrhea[3].

If you are unsure about how much coconut oil to give your dog, keep reading. We’ll mention how much we believe is a necessary amount.

Sources of Coconut Oil in Dog Food

How Much Coconut Oil Do Dogs Need?

Coconut oil is extracted from mature coconuts.

The coconuts themselves are harvested from trees, especially in areas of the world where coconut oil is widely consumed.

One area of the world that produces large amounts of coconut oil is western Africa. However, it can also be produced in tropical parts of the world.

How Much Coconut Oil Do Dogs Need?

The amount of coconut oil you should give to dogs will depend on the breed.

If the dog is small in size, consider using a quarter teaspoon, whereas a tablespoon may be good enough if your dog is larger in size.

After two weeks, you can increase the amount based on the dog’s weight.

For every ten pounds, add a teaspoon. This will usually apply to larger breeds.

Dog Foods with Coconut Oil

Dog Foods with Coconut Oil

The following is a list of dog foods that contain coconut oil. Choose one of these three listed below and see if your dog likes it:

Dog Foods without Coconut Oil

There are many dog foods without Coconut Oil. Some of them include the following brands:

  • Hills Science Diet: A brand recommended by most vets.
  • Blue Buffalo: Contains many natural ingredients, but none of them contain coconut oil.
  • Purina: All of the known Purina brand dog foods do not have coconut oil.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide has been helpful for you.

Now that you know the benefits of coconut oil, finding it in dog food is easy.

We’ve provided you with three top options, and hopefully, your dog will love them.


Before we wrap it up, please take a look at the following frequently asked questions below.

Why Do People Put Coconut Oil in Dog Food?

People put coconut oil in dog food as it contains several health benefits for dogs.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dog’s Digestion?

The answer is yes. Coconut oil aids in digestion for dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Oil Everyday?

Yes. As long as it’s within the correct amount based on the dog’s size (suggested amount listed above).

Is Fish Oil or Coconut Oil Better for Dogs?

Both are equally good for dogs since they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients. However, fish oil is best used to prevent heart disease and cancer in dogs.


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