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How to Choose the Right Size Crate for Your Dog

By Jessica Mabie

My brother Allen and his family live in California, and they come home each year for Christmas. This year my brother called to ask me my thoughts on them bringing their dog, Juni, home with them. I said I thought it was a fantastic idea since Juni’s a chihuahua and is small enough to travel […]

How to Keep Your Dog from Escaping His or Her Crate!

By Jessica Mabie

Most people who crate their dog have a bit of whining or an accident or two, but for some of us, our dogs are absolute Houdinis. Sophie happens to be one of those dogs. She cannot be crated since she suffers from barrier anxiety. If put in a crate, Sophie will destroy it, often harming […]

2020’s 9 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates

By Emily Pierce

I’ve been around dogs all my life, so I’ve seen my fair share of dog supplies. I grew up with dogs constantly in the house, but my first real introduction to being responsible for dogs came from my first job at a pet resort. I took care of over a hundred dogs every day, for […]

How to Use a Dog Crate Divider (and Make Your Own!)

By Emily Pierce

Before I brought Maggie home, I spent time researching the crate she would need. There are so many different kinds of crates out there that come in all kinds of sizes. I didn’t want her to use the crate in the wrong way. It was supposed to be a place where she felt safe, where […]

Which Type of Dog Crate is Best for Your Pooch?

By Emily Pierce

There are some decisions that will be easy for dog owners to make. I never worry whether I’m doing the right thing by buying Maggie the chew toy that’s on sale or the discounted dog bone at the pet store. She’d be fine with either one of them, but they also won’t affect her life […]

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