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Jennifer Marshall

Jennifer is the proud pet parent of three plucky pound puppy pals. She also loves alliteration. When she's not cheering on her beloved Vikings, you can usually find her at the dog park or on the back porch unsuccessfully playing fetch with her mutts. You can follow her on Pinterest

Are Greenies Good for Dogs?

By Jennifer Marshall

Pet owners, myself included, are always looking for different ways to keep their pet healthy and happy, from keeping dog’s nails trimmed to worrying about what foods dogs can and can’t eat. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to make sure to keep their pet’s mouth healthy, too. It’s not a fun or cheap task to […]

2020’s Best Flea and Tick Pills for Dogs

By Jennifer Marshall

On a recent phone call with my sister, we were talking about our dogs. I know…surprise, surprise. The topic of flea control came up. “I’m thinking about putting my dog on a pill.” “Oh, yeah? Wait a minute. I thought she was fixed. Why would she need the pill?” It’s a good thing my sister […]

Are Nylabones Safe for Dogs

By Jennifer Marshall

Full disclosure: I may have gotten into an argument with an acquaintance of mine recently over Nylabones, which is a popular brand of nylon dog bones, and I might still be a bit salty about it. I think there has been some sort of confusion about what Nylabones are and what their purpose is. It’s […]

Does Dawn Dish Soap Really Kill Fleas on Dogs?

By Jennifer Marshall

So I told you all a while back about my little sister adopting a goldendoodle puppy. Like any new mom, she quickly began freaking out about everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. I have literally gotten a text at 2:00 a.m. with a picture of a puppy turd asking me if it looked “normal.” I […]

2020’s Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles

By Jennifer Marshall

I’m so excited today to be able to announce we’ve got a new member in the family! My sister and her husband have adopted a perfect little puppy!  He is an adorable Goldendoodle. Like any new parents, they wanted to do a little research into what the best type of dog food would be for […]

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