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Jennifer Marshall

Jennifer is the proud pet parent of three plucky pound puppy pals. She also loves alliteration. When she's not cheering on her beloved Vikings, you can usually find her at the dog park or on the back porch unsuccessfully playing fetch with her mutts. You can follow her on Pinterest

What to Look for When Choosing a Dog Food

By Jennifer Marshall

You know those giant bags of generic cereal you can find at the grocery store? They usually have shady sounding names like Unlucky Charms or Lieutenant Crunch. When I was growing up, I lived on a pretty steady diet of that stuff. My mom never read a food label once in her life. She just […]

Are Bully Sticks Safe for Dogs?

By Jennifer Marshall

Pet parents love giving their fur babies treats for a whole host of different reasons. My primary reason is I have a dog (don’t worry, buddy; I won’t name names) that likes to chew on anything and everything I don’t want him to chew on. We seek out alternative options for our dogs who like […]

Are Himalayan Dog Treats Good for Dogs?

By Jennifer Marshall

We go through a lot of dog treats here. I use treats for training purposes to spoil my pets just because I can. I also use them to help deter our dogs from chewing on furniture and shoes and, yes, even eating grass, as well as to help remove tarter from my dogs’ teeth. My […]

Are Greenies Good for Dogs?

By Jennifer Marshall

Pet owners, myself included, are always looking for different ways to keep their pet healthy and happy, from keeping dog’s nails trimmed to worrying about what foods dogs can and can’t eat. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to make sure to keep their pet’s mouth healthy, too. It’s not a fun or cheap task to […]

Best Flea and Tick Pills for Dogs

By Jennifer Marshall

On a recent phone call with my sister, we were talking about our dogs. I know…surprise, surprise. The topic of flea control came up. “I’m thinking about putting my dog on a pill.” “Oh, yeah? Wait a minute. I thought she was fixed. Why would she need the pill?” It’s a good thing my sister […]

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