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Jessica Mabie

Jessica and her husband share their lives with four amazing high energy Brittanys and one very awesome cat. You’ll rarely see her without her 4 pack, they go everywhere with her, including most vacations. So, if you see her out and about with her family don’t hesitate to say “Hi!”, (You’ll know it’s her since few are so daring as to have 4 Britts).

Best Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Ears at Home

By Jessica Mabie

Poor Calvin. He’s not the biggest fan of getting his ears cleaned. In fact, he’s quite a big baby about it. Unfortunately, he’s prone to getting ear infections, which is typical for his breed. If we don’t clean his ears weekly, he gets terrible ear infections that can last for over a week. Thankfully, my […]

How to Treat Your Dog’s Ear Infection at Home

By Jessica Mabie

As you all know, I’m a big supporter of consulting the vet when my dogs are sick or hurt, but that’s not always a possibility. Recently, we were out camping in the woods when Sophie started shaking her head and scratching at her ears. Even though we’re consistent about cleaning her ears weekly, he still […]

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