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Jessica Mabie

Jessica and her husband share their lives with four amazing high energy Brittanys and one very awesome cat. You’ll rarely see her without her 4 pack, they go everywhere with her, including most vacations. So, if you see her out and about with her family don’t hesitate to say “Hi!”, (You’ll know it’s her since few are so daring as to have 4 Britts).

Why is My Dog’s Poop Orange?

By Jessica Mabie

Poop… Everyone’s favorite subject! Okay, likely, it’s no one’s favorite subject, but it is still a critical topic to discuss. Orange poop or any color change in your dog’s poop often indicates a shift in their health or diet. Odd as it sounds, knowing your dog’s normal bowel movement frequency, color, and consistency is vital […]

Orijen Senior Dog Food Review

By Jessica Mabie

  I live in a very senior household, and nutrition is a significant factor in ensuring good health, which is why we tried Orijen Senior dog food. Overall, it is a high-quality dog food for older dogs that is hard to match. But, unfortunately, it was not the right food for us. Having four dogs, […]

Taste of the Wild vs Fromm

By Jessica Mabie

Today, I’m comparing two dry dog foods: Taste of the Wild (TotW) and Fromm. In our household, we have a lot of different dietary requirements. Comparing dog food brands is the best way to determine which food would be the most fitting for our family. Choosing the right dog food is not an easy task. […]

Taste of the Wild vs Orijen

By Jessica Mabie

Taste of the Wild (TotW) versus Orijen, who will win? In our household, we’ve tried more than 50% of the different popular brands, and some not so popular. Our household is made up of dogs with food allergies (Sophie and Calvin), heart disease (Daisy), Cushing Disease (Daisy and Sophie), high energy (Ginger), seniors, and picky […]

How to Tell if a Dog is in Pain

By Jessica Mabie

This is not an easy question to answer. Dogs are so different from one another, and so are their reactions to pain. Ginger started scream-crying when the vet sprayed her leg with alcohol before a blood draw, which was clearly not painful. Daisy was hesitant picking up a tennis ball, and when she finally did, […]

Thundershirt for Dogs Review

By Jessica Mabie

  Sophie’s anxiety started with thunderstorms, the dreaded fireworks, and high-pitched beeping noises. At first, it was only a mild case of anxiety. We attempted training to desensitize her to these situations but it didn’t seem to work. Unfortunately, as Sophie got older, her anxieties expanded beyond noises and increased in severity, which meant it […]

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