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Jessica Mabie

Jessica and her husband share their lives with four amazing high energy Brittanys and one very awesome cat. You’ll rarely see her without her 4 pack, they go everywhere with her, including most vacations. So, if you see her out and about with her family don’t hesitate to say “Hi!”, (You’ll know it’s her since few are so daring as to have 4 Britts).

How to Prepare for Your New Puppy

By Jessica Mabie

I had planned on getting a dog the way other people plan on starting a family. It was a life goal and part of my 5-year plan after graduating from college. I wanted to have a stable career and a townhouse before I brought a dog into my world. I knew that dogs required a […]

Royal Canin vs. Blue Buffalo

By Jessica Mabie

Yesterday I picked up another bag of prescription dog food from my vet office. Sophie and Calvin have severe food allergies and require a hypoallergenic prescription diet. We are currently paying $3.63 per pound of food, which gets pretty expensive for three dogs. To make things easier, I’ve always just fed all the dogs the […]

How to Keep Your Dog from Escaping His or Her Crate!

By Jessica Mabie

Most people who crate their dog have a bit of whining or an accident or two, but for some of us, our dogs are absolute Houdinis. Sophie happens to be one of those dogs. She cannot be crated since she suffers from barrier anxiety. If put in a crate, Sophie will destroy it, often harming […]

Where to Buy Flea Medication Online

By Jessica Mabie

This past weekend my husband and I were out walking the pups when we saw a kitten sitting behind a nursing home. I walked down to see if it had tags so that I could get it back home, but there were no tags. Long story short, the kitten was born near the nursing home […]

How to Leash Train a Dog to Walk Off-Leash 

By Jessica Mabie

A few months ago, I was getting my haircut, and my stylist, Gina, brought up one of my favorite subjects; of course, it was dogs. She was struggling with obedience issues and had a few questions. Gina has two two-year-old Goldendoodles that have not undergone any formal training, so they were a bit overwhelming to […]

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