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Emily Pierce

Emily Pierce is a self-published novelist, award winning short story writer, and freelancer. When she’s not writing, she enjoys baking and making clothes for dogs.

Why Does My Dog Pee on Her Bed (And How to Stop It!)

By Emily Pierce

When Maggie was younger, she was still potty training and getting used to my house at the same time. I thought making her a little bed would make her more comfortable, so I used the fleece blanket she came home with to create a haven surrounded by her stuffed animals. I pictured her napping in […]

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Brand Review

By Emily Pierce

Right after I decided I would get my first dog, but long before I brought Maggie home, I knew that I had to decide which dog food was best for her. The first thing I did was start reading about brands on the internet. I had no idea what I was in for! There are […]

Which Type of Dog Crate is Best for Your Pooch?

By Emily Pierce

There are some decisions that will be easy for dog owners to make. I never worry whether I’m doing the right thing by buying Maggie the chew toy that’s on sale or the discounted dog bone at the pet store. She’d be fine with either one of them, but they also won’t affect her life […]

Dog Dandruff: Causes, Symptoms, And How to Get Rid of It

By Emily Pierce

My dog Maggie has a lot of adorable habits. She takes a stuffed animal with her to bed every night and spins in circles after she hears the words “dinner time.” Her habits are the cutest, so when I noticed that she started scratching herself frequently one day, I started thinking about dandruff. Can dogs […]

Best Outdoor Dog Houses

By Emily Pierce

Every dog I’ve ever lived with has been an indoor dog. I slept on the couch with them, shared ice cream cones with them, and cuddled together during my favorite TV shows. I wasn’t introduced to the idea of an outdoor dog until I was in middle school. One of my friends had a dog […]

How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing in the House

By Emily Pierce

Sometimes accidents happen, and dog owners especially know this to be true. Even the best dog can make a mess in the house, which is why it can get frustrating when those messes happen again and again. Your dog may even be potty trained and still pee in the house occasionally. Maggie used to struggle […]

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