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Arthritis in Dogs

It was so subtle, we actually missed it. It’s not that we didn’t notice – we did – but it was just easy to rationalize away… It’s cold, he doesn’t want to leave the warm spot in front of the fire. He was up late barking at that stupid cat, he’s just tired. He doesn’t […]


Tapeworms in Dogs: Causes, Prevention, and Treatments

What are Tapeworms? Ah, the tapeworm. It’s easily identifiable by the long, flat, segmented body which tends to break off in pieces and can be seen in stool. The tapeworm is an equal opportunity infector; it can be found in just about any animal species on the planet including upper class, first-world country humans. The […]


How Long Do Dogs Stay Pregnant? Everything You Need to Know About Dog Pregnancies

“Honey, I think Fluffy is pregnant.” Those little words can evoke emotions that run the gambit from anger (“Who let her out?”) to fear (“Great – what do we do now?”) to excitement (“Puppies! There’s gonna be puppies everywhere!”). You may have a number of questions running through your head like… “How do I know […]


Can My Dog Eat That?

Treats and Snacks Your Dogs Shouldn’t Be Eating Anyone who has ever been a dog owner will know the effect of those big eyes looking up at you and pleading for that little treat of leftover from your plate. Or if your dog is anything like my chomping chihuahuas then you know the second you […]